Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homeschooling the Kulilits: 1st & 2nd Week

Once, I gave a remark to my dad that I think I'm very fortunate because I'm given the opportunity to become a housewife to focus more on my kids, my husband and our home. He answered me back: "Anak, it's not an opportunity but it's a choice that you make."

Well, it is true that it is a CHOICE that one makes. It's not about one's status in life. Because some mothers, though their husbands' income are not enough, still choose to become a housewives. On the other hand, some mothers still choose to work even if their husbands are capable to provide for them.

When I decided to become a full-time housewife, I told to myself that I want to homeschool my kids. Aside from the reasons I told you in my blog entry HERE, I feel that I'll be more fulfilled as a mom and as a person if I'm able to educate my kids.

Two weeks ago, I already started homeschooling the Kulilits. I'm very happy because the Kulilits are very cooperative and they are excited to be homeschooled. The only problem that I am encountering now is that they get bored if they know already the lesson. You know, if they know something already, they don't want me to repeat it again to them.

Here are some of our activities during our 1st and 2nd week of homeschooling:

First Week

Our lesson for the first week is about the creation and the fall, identifying colors, number one and letter A.

In a sheet of paper, I drew something using a white crayon and the twins painted it with black paint. The key idea for this activity is that God created all things from nothing.

This one is for counting...

This is for their counting book...

Here are some of the activities for letter recognition...

Second Week

Our lesson for the second week is about the earth and the flood, number two and letter B.

The Kulilits, with my help, made these crafts. The rainbow symbolizes God's promise to mankind that He'll never again send a flood to destroy the whole earth.

This one is for counting...

This one is for their counting book...

Here are some of the activities for letter recognition...

Aside from those activities, we did also some pretend activities, singing, dancing, etc. I'm very happy that the Kulilits are learning while having fun. =)

I just pray to God that He'll give me more patience and guide me on how to impart knowledge and values to my children.

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