Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting Ready for Halloween =)

For this coming Halloween, I asked the Kulilits what costumes do they want to wear. They told me that they wanted to be a scarecrow.

I really don't know where did they get that idea. Haha! But, it's okay because it's very easy to make one. I just need hay, native hat, long sleeves polo, jeans and some scrap cloth. The first thing that came in my mind for the materials is Tabora St. in Divisoria. But who will go to Divisoria?

Hmmm... Mama G?  

Last week, I was losing hope already because I still don't have the materials for the Kulilits' costumes. Then last Friday, it was a good thing that I called up Mama G because she was at Divisoria that time. I asked her if she could go to Tabora to buy the materials that I needed. She told me that she'll try to buy. Since she is a stage grandma, she still managed buy the materials. =)

And now, which Halloween event will we attend?

Most Halloween events are today, October 27. Since we are going attend a birthday party of the daughter of hubby's med school barkada in Quezon City, we won't be able to go to any Halloween events today.

We are just going to attend the Halloween event at Westgate on October 31 and office Halloween event of my MIL on November 1. =)

How about you? Are you ready this Halloween? What Halloween event/s are you going to attend?

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