Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Food Trip: Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

Last week, hubby is not that toxic because he has no in-patients. Financially, that's bad for us. You know, for doctors, no patient means no money. Huhu! =( Looking on the bright side, he will have more time for us which I like. Remember my quote before? No money but happy! 

Since it's been a while since the last time we ate out, I asked him if he wants to go out for dinner. Knowing hubby, he immediately said YES. Initially, I'm craving for Crunchy Kani Maki of Kenji Tei Ramen House. But I remembered that we haven't tried eating at Wee Nam Kee, so we just ate there instead.

We ordered the following:

Small Roasted Regular Chicken...


This is yummy. In fact, hubby liked this better than the steamed chicken. Maybe because it is tastier and it has crunchy skin.

Small Steamed Yellow Chicken...


For the steamed chicken, we tried the yellow chicken because they said that it is tastier than the regular chicken and it is imported from Singapore. It is actually more expensive than the regular chicken.

I liked their steamed chicken specially when you put these sauces...

I like the combination of minced ginger and sweet soy sauce (I'm not sure what it is called). According to hubby, these sauces makes the steamed chicken flavorful.

Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu...


I ordered this because they indicated in the menu that it's a chef's recommendation and I love tofu. It is supposed to be spicy but I requested it to be mild so that the Kulilits would be able to eat it.

Honestly, I didn't like this. I just got one serving and hubby ate the rest of it. The taste is too bland and ordinary for me. I like Max's sizzling tofu better than this one.

Wee Nam Kee Fried Rice...


Two thumbs up for their fried rice! Very delicious and flavorful. You can actually eat the fried rice as is. And guess what? Even the Kulilits liked it. I think Chris had 3 servings while Ian had 2.

We also ordered 2 cups of Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice (P40.00 each). I actually ordered plain rice so that I could know the real taste of their steamed chicken but they don't have one. For the taste of their chicken rice, it's yummy but it's not actually healthy. Just imagine chicken drippings that are mixed in the rice. Cholesterol overload! Hehe.

3 Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi (White, Dark & Milk Chocolate)...


Oooopppsss... Sorry about the picture! I totally forgot to take a picture of it when it was served to us. Hehe!

I didn't actually know that this a chocolate truffle buchi. I just saw the picture and thought it is just a regular buchi that's why I ordered it. I tasted each flavor and what flavor do you think I liked most? Of course, the white chocolate. Hehe.

For our drink, hubby and I ordered bottomless lime juice which is P90.00 per order.

Overall, we liked our dining experience here. In general, the food that we ordered were delicious and served hot. Their staff were very attentive. They kept on refilling our drinks and were kind enough to ask us if we still need something else. Lastly, for the price, I think it's a little bit pricey. But I think it's okay because hubby and I were satisfied. =)

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