Monday, October 14, 2013

Food Trip: Tokyo Cafe

This is a super duper late post and I'm very very sorry...

One Saturday, we were suppose to attend our weekly Church service. Unfortunately, the traffic in South Super Highway is really terrible that night that we were unable to do so. So my dad just asked us to meet him at SM Southmall to eat dinner.

He chose Tokyo Café since we haven't tried eating there yet.

My dad already ordered food so that it will be ready to be served by the time we arrive. And he ordered the following:


Tokyo Boneless Chicken...

Fish Fillet...

Ebi Tempura...


and lots of rice!

Actually, my dad also ordered Chicken in a Basket as one of our main meals and two kinds of crepes for dessert but the orders didn't arrive.

So here is my review...

Location - it is located strategically at SM Southmall's food street. You could immediately spot it once you entered the back entrance of SM Southmall.

Taste - It tastes good enough.

Food Presentation - The food has good presentation.

Food Portion - The serving is not that big. For me, one order is just good for one person.

Price - The price is mid-range; not too pricey.

Service - One word: TERRIBLE! I find there service bad considering it was our first time to eat there. First, the waiters are not that attentive. We kept on calling them if we need something and following up our orders. Second, it took too much time before all the food were served considering that my dad already ordered when he got there. Lastly, not all our orders are served (Chicken in a Basket and Crepes). I don't know. Maybe there is a miscommunication between the order taker and the kitchen.

That's it! The experience is too bad for a first timer. =(

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