Friday, October 25, 2013

Food Discovery: Toasted Siopao

I love siopao. When I was still eating red meat, I always buy jumbo siopao from Kowloon House because that's the best steamed siopao for me. I super love their bread. Even hubby loves it too! I just wish that their chicken siopao will be available again because I miss eating Kowloon siopao.

When it comes to fried siopao (yes, there is such a thing), I go all the way to Ongpin in Binondo just to buy a pack. I tell you... fried siopao is addicting.

And here's my latest food discovery... TOASTED SIOPAO!!!

In BF Paranaque, we always pass by this house selling toasted siopao. I really got curious because it's a new kind of siopao for me. So during my birthday party/baby shower planning, I told my mom that I want to serve toasted siopao at the party. But before I order, I need to know first if it tastes good so I kept on bugging my mom to buy and taste it because all the while I thought that they only have pork toasted siopao. Few days before my party, I still don't know the taste of the toasted siopao that's why I went there to buy samples. To my surprise, there is chicken teriyaki toasted siopao. Yahoo for me! So there, I tasted it and it was good. =) I got their number and ordered for my party.

Here is the chicken teriyaki toasted siopao...

If you want to order, you can call Alvin at 8425640/0922-8189696/0917-2927821.

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