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Product Review: Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash

I would like to thank Tiny Buds for sending me some of their products to try on. I'm really excited to try them all lalo na yung mga baby products nila since in 3 months time, I'll give birth na.

What I tried first is their Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash...

Since my toddlers (2 y/o twins) are not using baby bottles anymore, I'm already using a regular dishwashing liquid for their plates, utensils and drinking bottles. Before, I'm using a baby bottle cleanser which costs a lot that's why I decided to switch to a regular dishwashing liquid when they stopped bottle feeding.

I tried using Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash in cleaning the twins' dirty plates and utensils...

First, I soaked the plates and utensils in a basin of water with 3 pumps of Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash...

Then, I scrubbed the plates and utensils until all the dirt are removed...

After scrubbing, I rinsed it thoroughly...

That's it! The plates and utensils are already cleaned. =) Very easy to use ano?

Well, what I like about this product are the following:
  • Like what I said earlier, it is very easy to use. Babad lang then konting scrub and rinse, finish ka na.
  • Very matipid gamitin. 2 to 3 pumps lang in a basin of water, it could clean na a number of accessories and utensils.
  • It's Natural. It means that it is safe for babies because it is free from harmful chemicals. When I read the ingredients, it is made from natural surfactant from fruits and food grade aloe vera extract.
  • It is mild. So gentle siya siya sa hands natin mga mommies. Like when I tried it, hindi nangati yung hands ko. Ako pa naman, may allergy sa mga sabon sabon na panglaba and pangwash.
  • It has a mild scent. Hindi siya nakakabahing. Sakto lang yung amoy niya for a baby product.
  • It has a safety cap. Great idea ito ha. At least may protection sa mga crawling insects. Yun lang medyo medaling matanggal.
  • It can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables.
  • It's Paraben-Free - Paraben is a group of compounds used as preservatives in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and in the food industry (from Wikipidia) which is cancer causing.
  • SLS-Free. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a surfactant and foamer usually found in industrial-strength cleaners
  • It comes also with a refill pack and a one week pack which makes it very economical.
  • And based on the write-up, it is readily available in almost all department stores.

On the negative side, the only thing that I don't like about the product is that it's not that mabula as they claim it: "Twice the bubbles for a deeper clean". Usually kasi for soaps, we based it on the bubbles kapag effective eh. Pero for me, it's not that big deal naman. As long as it does it job, ok na sa akin. Like when I used it, effective naman eh kasi after rinsing the plates, it's not that madulas unlike sa ibang dishwashing liquid na kailanan mo pang gamitan ng isang katerbang tubig para mawala yung dulas.

For more information about Tiny Buds and their other products, visit and like their Facebook page at

For the Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash, here is a write-up below which could explain you more about the product...

Wash Away Mom’s Worries!
by: Ms. Redge Jimenez-Lopez
Tiny Buds Bottle & Utensil Wash, made from Food Safe Ingredients

Chemically tainted baby bottles?  Moms, especially those who work outside their homes and leave the care of their toddlers to yayas, need to be assured that when they go outside, baby bottles will not only be germ-free but also toxin-free! A shiny and seemingly clean bottle does not mean a safe bottle to use for babies. Commercial dishwashing liquid can make household utensils squeaky clean, however, the danger of traces of chemical residue left behind as a result of not thoroughly rinsing off baby bottles is always there.

The thought of the possibility of those harsh chemical mixing in the formula of your babies constantly worries mommies.

Wash away those worries by using Tiny Buds Bottle & Utensil Wash, made from food grade ingredients, thicker concentration and not  watery, comes in light  green apple scent  that cleans the bottles well and does not leave an unpleasant  smell on the nipple of baby bottle. It also guaranteed  Paraben- free, *SLS-free and is biodegradable and earth friendly.

Tiny Buds Bottle Wash comes in a slim capped bottles that takes up little storage space in the pantry. It can be dispensed in a bottle container with a safety cap; a special safety feature that shields away from crawling insects at night and other contaminants when left in the washing area.  A safety feature most mommies value and what's more, it also comes in a refillable pack.

More and more moms have discovered  the effectiveness and safety of Tiny Buds Bottle Wash.  For instance, Nurse is aware of the harmful effects of SLS such that when she found out about this new product, she immediately replaced her usual dishwashing detergent that she uses for the baby bottles of her almost 1-year old son, Sebastian Al-Qasem.

“I don’t want my baby to be exposed to SLS. That is why I use Tiny Buds Bottle Wash because it does not have SLS. Its lather is rich. At the same time, it does not have a strong smell like detergent,” she explains.

Other Tiny Buds products you should try are:

Rice Baby Powder is a premium quality baby powder made from 100% real rice grains. This biodegradable and hypo allergenic baby powder is completely free from harmful talc and other chemicals found in other commercial baby powder. It keeps the baby’s skin healthy fresh, moisturize and dry from perspiration.

Kid’s Hand Sanitizer Spray is made from food safe ingredients,  tough on harmful bacteria and gentle on skin. Comes in 3 exciting scents with aloe vera extract. It’s safe for kids, with less irritating alcohol smell compared to regular sanitizers.

Sticky Hand Wipes is gently formulated with chamomile and vitamin E to clean and moisturize baby’s skin. It is Paraben-free, alcohol-free and made of food safe ingredients.  It’s extra thick and silky soft for baby’s comfort.

Scratch Off! After-bite Cool Soothing Relief Gel-all natural ingredients which is eco-cert, best for kids and parents too. Gets the itch out in seconds.

In a Rash! Soothing Lite Cream for Baby Diaper Rashes - Made of eco-certified ingredients . See the redness out in minutes!

Tiny Fangs Natural Toothgel Stage 1 &2, a preparatory tooth gel for babies and kids free from Parabens and SLS free. Comes in Strawberry Banana Flavor without foam.
And Tutti Fruitti Flavour with lite mint and low foam formula.

For inquiries and free samples , please visit our Facebook page: 

Tiny Buds Natural Baby Products are available at:  Selected Watson Stores., Mercury Drugstores, Baby Co stores, Rustan’s Department Store & Supermarkets Shopwise Supermarket, Robinson’s supermarket,  Babyland, Numa, Toys ‘R Us, Landmark, Unimart, Cash and Carry, Pioneer, Makati Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Puregold Duty Free, Shoppers Mart, Waltermart, Bora Budget Mart, Sta. Lucia Mall,South Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, Baby Steps, Citimart, LCC Supermarket, 360 Pharmacy, Gaisano Capital, Fooda Supermarket, Iloilo Supermarket, Gaisano Mall  of Davao, Alturas Supermarket & Department Store, LCC Department Store, HB1, NCCC, NCX, Ororama, & Lopue’s Department Store. 

*SLS (short for sodium lauryl sulfate) is a surfactant and foamer usually found in industrial-strength cleaners

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