Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mama G's Laughtrip: Phone Conversation with Ramon Jr.

This blog entry is by my youngest brother, Raph or Ramon Jr...

I just remembered my conversation with my mom after a stressful start:

Mom: Son, when we go there, what do you suggest for me and your dad to do?

Me: Go on a cruise, that should be fun!

Mom: What do we do on a cruise? Fly?

Me: Really mom? (Started LOL)

Mom (LOL): Well, son find us great prices for the cruise. Does the cruise go on a sale?

Me (Jokingly - Sale sounds like Sail): Of course, remember the song "Sailing, I am sailing home"?

Mom: Yes I remember that, but I believe there is another song about that, I think it goes like this: "Rock, rock, rock your boat gently down the stream..."

Me (Started to LOL again): Mom, it's "Row, row, row your boat..."

Mom: blushes

I love my mom... She is a natural comedian!

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