Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pasalubong from my MIL and SIL

My MIL loves to buy ng kung ano ano for the kulilits. Since the kulilits are big boys na and doesn't wear diapers anymore, she bought them additional briefs. Aside from that, she bought them pambahay clothes too.

Guys, look at the brand of the brief. Tawang tawa nga kami ng MIL ko diyan sa brand na yan eh. Nakasulat kasi "Hanefford". O di ba, may Hanes na may Hanford pa! San ka pa? Hahaha!

Thank you Lola Es for the diapers and pambahay clothes!!!

Ang SIL ko naman, she came from Thailand. Kaya may mga pasalubong din kami from her. She bought the twins cute souvenir Thailand shirts and gave me a display pewter.

While her pasalubong for hubby is a poster of The Beatles...

Thanks Chezca for the pasalubong!!! Sa uulitin! Hehehe.

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