Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures in Marinduque: Bellarocca Island Part 2

Here is the Part 2 of our stay in Bellarocca Island...

WARNING: Picture Overload!!!

We were greeted by the majestic view of Mt. Malindig when we woke up the following day.

I asked hubby to eat breakfast while the kulilits are still sleeping. So, we went to Bellarocca's restaurant.

Stairway to the restaurant

Restaurant's Interior

While waiting for our food, hubby went around the restaurant and took some pictures. Here are some of the pictures that he took...

Outside the restaurant where you can eat al fresco

A Kois Pond

View of Mt. Malinding from the restaurant

Our breakfast are finally served...

Daing na Bangus for me

Tapa for hubby

Few minutes later, my parents, brother and kulilits arrived. While they were waiting for their food, they entertained themselves by:

pretending to be monkeys...

Chris & Papa G

feeding fishes...

Papa G, Chris & Ian

watching the view...

and playing hide and seek...

Ian & Chris

After breakfast, Papa G, Mama G and the kulilits took a dip to the lap pool while hubby, my brother and I just rested in the room.

The Lap Pool

The Lap Pool with Mt. Malindig at the Background

Papa G with the Kulilits

Mama G with Ian

After swimming, the kulilits watched Spiderman (again) with Mama G in the room.

Lunch time came and we all headed back to the restaurant. While waiting for the food to be served, hubby and the kulilits went to the lobby to feed the fishes.

When my boys back to the restaurant, picture picture muna kami...

My parents

My family

All of us

My parents with the kulilits

After lunch, we all went back to our rooms and had our afternoon nap. Eto ang tunay bakasyon! Yung tipong relax relax and pahinga lang. =)

In the afteroon, we (except for my brother) had a tour of Bellarocca Island. It only took us around 30 minutes to tour the whole island.

Here is our ride - golf cart...

My parents with Chris

We were given a chance to go inside Valhalla, one of Bellarocca's Villas.

The entrance to the villa...

The bedroom...

The bathroom...

His & Her Lavatory



Shower Area

The sala equipped with Audio-Video System...

The kitchen...

At the back of the villa, it has its own infinity pool and jacuzzi. Bongga di ba? Bongga din ang rate per night! Kaya kami, hanggang picture taking na lang...

Then we went to the helipad and took some pictures...

We went also to the tea house. They said that you can arrange a romantic dinner here.

There are a lot of fire trees there which are very attractive.

Our last stop is at the seaside swimming pool.

After our mini tour, we had a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset at Bellarocca. Here are some of the pictures that hubby took...

Ang nice ano? Super sarap pagmasdan ng nature. Napaka-amazing lang talaga ng creation ni Papa God. =)

After watching the sunset, pahinga ulit kami sa room, then dinner then sleeping time na. Di naman nakakataba ano? Hehehe.

That summed up our day 2 at Bellarocca Island. =)

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