Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rockustic Night at Comida Restaurant & Bar

by: Dr. Ryan Nino C. Padua

Hello there, mates! In case you're wondering why the sudden change in writing style, that's 'coz I was tasked to write about this event we recently went to. Just so you now, I also have my own blog though it's been dormant for quite some time now. Anyway, here it is....


How often would you get to witness these two awesome rock gods perform at your area? Me, it's like all the planets have aligned and cast me this great fortune to see up close Pepe Smith & Wally Gonzalez!

Truth be told, I wasn't that all familiar with their songs up until the dynamic duo of Basti Artadi & Tirso Ripoll made an all Pinoy Rock Episode on their now defunct podcast Tropical Banter. So upon Cheryll's invitation I immediately said "Rock on"!

At the venue, a group of highschool lads were already performing....

Photo: "The Croons"
The Croons, photo courtesy of Comida Restaurant & Bar

Their set is a hybrid plugged/unplugged, with the KaHon as the only unplugged instrument. Despite their age they played an awesome set (failed to jot down their setlist for I was having a rockin' good time).

And then they came...

First they performed '(Get your kicks on) Route 66'. Then a slew of classic rock staples (Again, failed to do my assignment for I was having a rockin' good time!).

After that, they shifted to high gear...

This time Pepe Smith performed 'Summerwind' for which all I can say was... \m/
Check out his Gibson Firebird. Wicked guitar! Pepe's manager said that guitar model was Pepe's workhorse since before and when Gibson came out with this model (yup, its brand spanking new) they gave him one.

They also played a string of Juan Dela Cruz hits like Beep Beep, Titser's Enemi No. 1, Balong Malalim, and this...

Of course the night won't be complete without a photo op with Pepe Smith...

Wally Gonzalez...

Bing Austria (for those who don't know, he was the vocalist of Juan Pablo Dream. He was there as a guest so kapal muks nalang to get this photo)...

And the gang...

Ai, Francis, Cheryll, Me & Nathan Roy

(As I look at my photos, I kinda resemble Jack Black....COOL!)

Kudos to Nathan Roy for putting up this gig. Thanks for inviting us! Rest assured we'll be coming back for more. Rock on! \m/

Comida Restaurant & Bar
Bldg 6, Unit 3, Molito Lifestyle Complex,
Madrigal Ave, Ayala Alabang, 1780 Muntinlupa City
Tel. +6325567201; 09274510944

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