Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Gift

The best gift that I received this Mother's Day is the opportunity of being a housewife. It's definitely worth being one. I'm very happy because I am able to watch my boys grow and able to enjoy them every minute. There is no high-paying job out there that could match the joy that I'm having right now with my kiddos. Thanks to hubby for being a good provider to us and for being very supportive to me.

with my adorable twins - Ian & Chris

As a spoiled wifey, hubby gifted me a diamond pave heart pendant to match my earrings. =)

Di ba very supportive si hubby pati sa mga luho ko? Di bale, good investment naman yan eh at nasasangla. Joke! Hahaha! Kidding aside, I really thank God for giving me a very kind hearted, loving, thoughtful and patient husband. Minsan nga napapaisip ako kung deserving ba talaga ako to be my husband's wife and to be the mother of two precious boys. Ang drama ba? Basta, ang gusto ko lang sabihin is I feel so blessed because I have my husband, my twins and upcoming baby. =)

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