Monday, April 22, 2013

Parenting Seminar on Homeschooling + New Books for the Kulilits

Hubby and I already decided that we are going to homeschool our twins instead of enrolling them to a traditional school. We have our reasons which I shared before in my past blog post (you can read it here). In preparation for that, I'm starting to research and read about homeschooling. Then, I came across a blog, The Learning Basket, whose author happens to advocate the idea that parents are their children's first and best teachers, and that the love of reading is one of the best gifts that parents can give their children. It also offers various parenting seminars and one of which is about homeschooling entitled "Preschool Homeschool: You Can Do It Too!"

I attended the said seminar last Saturday and I could say that it's all worth attending it. I learned a lot from Mariel (the women behind the blog The Learning Basket) and guest homeschooling moms who shared their experiences. After the seminar, I am more convinced to homeschool my twins.

After the seminar, I bought books for the kulilits that is because I chose to spend P500.00 for their products instead of paying P250.00 straight fee for the seminar.

Here are the books that I bought:

Magnetic Shapes Book...


Magnetic ABC book...


Magnetic On the Farm Book...


and Inch by Inch Story Book...


We started to read these books. They super loved it! In fact, they kept on asking me to read to them. I just hope that my twins will develop a love for reading too like their dad (Dad talaga di ba? I'm not a reader kasi. I'm more of a visual person.)

So that's it! I have to go. The twins are already asking me to read them books. =)

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