Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cheat Day at Tong Yang + Weight Update as of April 24, 2012

Every Sunday is my Cheat Day. It's family day kasi eh and it is the only time na nakakaalis and eat kami together as a family.

Last Sunday, I was invited as a guest blogger at Pet One's Dog on Wheels Event at SM Farview este Fairview pala. Ang layo ano? Kahit malayo, hubby still agreed to go kasi experience daw yun for me and we can also learn a lot from the talks about pet care. Aside from that, kasama na rin dun ang gala namin as a family.

We planned to leave the house at 9:30am. Since I'm the type of person who always stick to schedules, I woke up very early to prepare our breakfast and clean the house. Pero as always, not my fault and you know who's, we left the house at 10:30am na. We arrived SM Fairview at around 11:30am. Ang bilis namin ano? Nakuha namin ng 1 hour ang biyahe with normal driving speed. Walang traffic eh!

Before going to the event, we decided to eat lunch first. The first restaurant that I saw is Tong Yang and dun ko niyaya si hubby. Years na rin kasi since the last time we ate at Tong Yang eh and feel ko mag-grill grill and mag shabu shabu.

Here are the pictures that I took of the restaurant:

The restaurant's facade...

The  price...

Puwede na ang price di ba? Not that expensive for an eat & drink all-you-can deal that will surely satisfy your cravings.

The grill and shabu shabu station...

Some sushi and maki station...

Rice, noodles, siomai and siopao station...

The sauce station...

The dessert station...

My plate...

I had assorted maki for my starter and I had bangus belly, gindara, squid, oyster and some stuff for shabu shabu for my main course. Hubby naman had beef, fish and assorted seafood.

Cooking time...

Hubby and Ian cooking...

Chris and me...

For my dessert, I got some ice cream which I shared with the kulilits.

Don't you worry, I'm still aware that I'm on a diet. It does not mean naman that if you're on diet, i-dedeprive mo na ang sarili mo sa mga gusto mong kainin right? Puwede pa rin naman kumain as long as in moderation di ba? Hindi na ako yung tipong sige sige or yung may thinking na dapat makasulit.

Actually, I finished eating ahead of hubby and since the kulilits are getting bored already, I told hubby that I'll go to the event na with the twins para malibang libang yung dalawa sa mga dogs.

Me: Be, punta na ako sa event ha? Ang kulit na kasi ng dalawa eh para maaliw sa mga dogs doon.
Doc Padu: Ha? Tapos ka na?
Me: Yup! Bakit?
Doc Padu: Parang ang konti ng nakain mo?
Me: Ok na ako. Busog na ako. Para makakain ka na rin ng matino.
Doc Padu: Ok!

So there, the kulilits and I went na to the event (I'll tell you more about it later). Grabe ha, ang tagal ni hubby sa Tong Yang. Akala ko patapos na siya kumain nung umalis kami pero it took him around 30 minutes pa ata bago siya sumunod sa amin. Kaya I texted him na.

Me: Be, asan ka na? Tagal ka pa po? Lab u!
Doc Padu: Nandito pa. Patapos na. Lab u!
Me: Tagal ka pa be? Inubos mo na po ba ang buong Tong Yang? Lab u!
Doc Padu: Medyo. Pero nagreklamo na yung mga bagong dating. Lab u!
Me: Ok. Bilisan mo na po ha. Lab u!

O di ba, nakuha pang maki-ride sa biro ko si hubby. Naka-ilang round pa raw siya. Grabe ano? Takaw much ni hubby. Kaya di pumapayat eh. Hehehe.

Anyway, we enjoyed our dining experience at Tong Yang. Satisfied naman kami lalo na si hubby. He's been craving daw for shell fish for weeks na and panay thank you sa akin after eating dahil nasatisfy niya yung cravings niya.

And for my weight loss update...

I'm happy to announce that from 190lbs from my last update, I'm down to 186lbs. Partida yan ha kasi I somewhat lack exercise now-a-days. Busy busy kasi eh. Ang form of exercise ko lang is yung swimming ng mga kulilits and doing the house chores. So kahit medyo mabagal ang progress ko, happy pa rin ako kasi nag-lose pa rin ako. =)

Pero promise, by next week, makakapag-exercise rin ako religiously dahil patapos na ang swimming lessons ng mga kulilits.

Til' next update na lang ulit...

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