Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm Preggers!!!

OMG! I'm PREGGERS!!! Mauudlot na naman ang pagpapapayat ko. Hehehe. Anyway, ok lang naman since having a baby is a blessing and I'm not getting any younger na. =)

Pero may secret akong sasabihin sa inyo ha. Lam niyo ba kung bakit ako binuntis kaagad ni Doc Padu? Kasi na-iinsecure siya dahil pumapayat na ako. Ayaw niya akong pumayat!  Hahaha! Joke lang!

So kailan ko pa nalaman?

Well, the past few days parang I always feel very exhausted then I missed my period. Since I feel that I'm already pregnant, I asked hubby to buy 2 pregnancy test kits last Sunday. When hubby arrived home, I immediately tested myself...

Alas! Jontis nga ako! I double checked it after few hours and still got a positive result. =)

I told hubby that I need to go to my OB to be sure. We were supposed to go on Wednesday kaso lang holiday kaya she doesn't have a clinic. Since di na ako makapaghintay and isa akong taong atat, nagpa-transvaginal ultrasound na ako sa Hi-Precision Diagnostics kahapon to confirm my pregnancy. And the result... I'm really pregnant!!! Hahaha.

I'm so happy! I just hope and pray that I'll have a safe and healthy pregnancy. =)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pasalubong From Mama G & Papa G

Mama G and Papa G just came home from India last Thursday. Panay reklamo nga ni Madir dahil super init daw doon and ang pangit daw magshopping kaya hindi siya nakapamili. But still, may mga pasalubong pa rin sila sa amin. Hehehe =)

New polo shirts for the kulilits...

Brewed coffee, moong lehsun and display motorcycle for hubby...

Cook book, apron, slippers, eye liner and assorted bangles for me...

and of course, hindi mawawala ang ref magnet for my collection...

Thank you Mama G and Papa G for the pasalubong! Love you both!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Kulilits at Kids Church

Last Saturday, at Victory Christian Fellowship, I brought the kulilits again at the Kids Church. This time I tried to leave them and it was successful. Biruin niyo, deadma lang ang kambalistik! Wala man lang akong nakitang separation anxiety sa kanila.

Usually, kapag may problem sa Kids Church nagflaflash sa screen yung name ng kid to signal the parents to go there. Kaya si Mama G, panay abang sa screen at baka magloko daw ang dalawa. In fairness ha, hindi lumabas ang names nila. Hehehe. Nabilib nga si Papa G eh kasi nag-papaiwan na ang kambal which is very unusual for their age (almost 2 years and 3 months).

After the service, sinundo ko na ang kulilits sa Kids Church. Si Ian, naabutan kong karga ng teacher at umiiyak. Nadapa (natulak) raw kasi. Kawawa naman. Pero kids eh, part talaga yan ng kanilang experience. Si Chris naman, I saw him inside singing with the other kids. Nakakaaliw talaga. =)

Anyway, the two showed me their artwork from the Kids Church...

Nakakatuwa di ba? Nakakagawa na sila ng mga artworks. Parang kailan lang at mga babies pa sila na walang ginawa kundi dumede and matulog... Ngayon, ang kukulit at pilyo pa... They are growing too fast!!! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kulilits' New Toy and Art Materials

Look what I got for the kulilits...

I bought them blocks (like Lego) to hone their creativity, sorting skills and problem-solving skills. Aside from that, playing with it can help in their fine-motor development and help them practice patterning.

I also bought them art materials such as modeling clay, finger paint, poster paint and scissors. These would encourage and develop the kulilits' imagination and creativity as well as help in their fine-motor development.

I'm so excited to play these with the kulilits! I'm sure we'll have fun!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

MERALCO POP Rates Program

Guys, hubby and I just discovered that Meralco has an ongoing program wherein you could save on your electricity bills. It is called Meralco's Peak/Off-Peak (POP) rates program. Unfortunately, we are not qualified for the said program because our average monthly electricity consumption is less than 500 kWh. Baka kayo you are qualified that's why I'm sharing this to you.

Here are the details of the program for residential consumers which I got from Meralco's website (


Meralco's Peak/Off-Peak (POP) rates program (formerly known as "Time of Use" or "TOU) is an alternative energy pricing scheme that is based on the time of day electricity is generated and on the cost of supplying electricity during that time. With this pricing scheme, Meralco customers can avail of lower generation costs in their total electricity rate during pre-defined off-peak hours:

                                               PEAK                            OFF-PEAK
Monday to Saturday     8am to 9pm (13 hours)        9pm to 8am (11 hours)
Sunday                        6pm to 8pm (2 hours)         8pm to 6pm (22 hours)

Compared to standard rates, the POP program more accurately reflects the cost of electricity generation during specific time periods.

I. Overview


Approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the Meralco POP (Peak-Off-Peak) rate program is an energy-pricing scheme which offers two power rates, computed based on the time of day electricity is produced and the corresponding generation cost during that time.

What do Peak and Off-Peak periods mean?

Peak periods are hours of the day when the demand for electricity is high. Energy prices during peak periods are substantially higher than the charges during off-peak periods. This is because more power plants, including those running on expensive fuels, are needed to run during the peak hours to supply and meet the demand for electricity. During off-peak or low demand, only plants runing at low operating costs supply the electricity.

II. Mechanics

What are the POP Rates?

Airlines and hotels offer cheaper rates during off-season or periods of low demand for travel. Telecommunication firms extend to its subscribers lower rates at nights. The Meralco POP program is a similar scheme that specifies different pricing depending on the time of day, day of the week and season of the year.

Meralco's POP pricing consists of:

1) Two time periods
    a) Peak
        Monday to Saturday 8a.m. to 9p.m. (13 hours)
        Sunday 6p.m. to 8p.m. (2 hours)
    b) Off Peak
        Monday to Saturday 9p.m. to 8a.m. (11 hours)
        Sunday 8p.m. to 6p.m. (22 hours)

2) Two Seasons
    a) Dry/summer (January to June)
    b) Wet/rainy (July to December)

                                                             PEAK            OFF-PEAK
                                                         (Php/kWh)          (Php/kWh)
DRY                POP rate                         7.48                   3.55
                    Non-POP rate                     5.69                   5.69
                       Difference                       1.79                  -2.14

WET               POP rate                         7.28                   3.55
                    Non-POP rate                     5.57                  5.57
                       Difference                       1.71                  -2.02        
                  *With approval from ERC

Under the POP program, the peak rate will be Php1.80/kWh more expensive than Meralco's default non-POP rate, but to encourage customers to consume electricity during off-peak hours, the off peak rate will be lover than the non-POP rate by P2.14/kWh.

What's the difference between the old TOU (Time-of-Use) program and this new POP pricing scheme?

The Off-Peak rate under the new pricing scheme is even lower than the Off-Peak rate in the previous TOU program.

                                                              TOU                 POP
                                                         (Php/kWh)          (Php/kWh)
DRY               Peak                                7.25                    7.48
                       Off-Peak                          3.86                    3.55
                       Difference                        3.39                    3.94

WET               Peak                                6.95                   7.28
                       Off-Peak                          3.94                   3.55
                       Difference                        3.01                   3.73

Note: The above rates include the generation cost adjustment (CGA). Meralco's POP rates consist of the basic generation rate plus (or minus) the generation charge adjustment (GCA) for the month. The GCA will adjust the basic generation rate for fluctuations in generation cost as well as other rate adjustments as approved by the ERC.

III. Benefits


Customers can take advantage of using applicances with high power demand during off-peak periods since they will be charged with lower electricity rates.

The POP program is most beneficial to those who:
   a) Normally use their electrical appliances during off-peak hours (e.g. use of air-conditioners,
       water heaters, clothes dryers at night or early morning)
   b) Can shift a considerable amount of their high electricity usage from peak to off-peak periods.
   c) Can reschedule power-intensive tasks to off-peak periods like Sunday (e.g. operating washing
       machines, clothes dryers and vacuum cleaners)

This would result in savings which could be used for other household expenses.

What are the power-intensive appliances to watch out for? These typically include:
   a) Air-conditioners
   b) Flat irons
   c) Clothes dryers
   d) Washing machines
   e) Vacuum cleaners
   f) Water heater

IV. Requirements

How would I know if I'm qualified to apply for POP?

   a) Residential accounts with a 12-month average consumption of at least 500 kWh.
   b) No pending service irregularity or violation of contract cases
   c) No overdue accounts

How do I apply?

   a) Inquire at the nearest Meralco Business Centers
   b) Call the POP Helpline (632-8008)

What are the POP application requirements?

Qualified customers must submit a signed POP application form.

What are the corresponding fees?

   a) Upon application to the program, enrollees must pay a one-time application fee
   b) Monthly incremental costs:

     1. Metering charge, which refers to the cost of reading, operation and maintaining power
         metering facilities and associated costs attributed to the provision of metering service
     2. Supply charge, which refers to the cost of rendering service to customers such as billing,
         collection, customer assistance and other associated services.

                  One-Time Application Fee                    Additional Monthly Charges
                      P999.00 + 12% VAT                           POP Metering Charge
                                                                                           P 0.66
                                                                                 POP Supply Charge
                                                                                 P 0.01/kWh + P1.94

Note: One-time application fee includes cost of installation of a POP cable meter. Unlike the existing meters, POP-capable meters have a computerized clock that is able to keep track of the energy consumed during different times of the day. This will be the basis for the peak and off-peak consumption where the special POP rates will be applied.

Does the program have a lock-in period?

Customers are required to enroll in the POP program for a minimum of 12 months, which will also serve as the lock-in period.

If the customer wants to leave the program prior to the end of the 12 month contract, the following should be submitted:

   a) Formal letter to Meralco stating their intent to discontinue their enrollment with POP
   b) Payment of a pre-termination fee equivalent to the remaining portion of the incremental  
       metering charge and additional costs associated with their POP enrollment

What if I am currently enrolled in the Meralco TOU program?

The POP program is the new Meralco TOU rates program but with lower rates. In effect, existing Meralco TOU customers do not need to re-apply for a new contract (or terminate their existing contract) to enjoy the new POP rates, based on the current contract's provision that allows them to be billed on whatever POP rates are approved by the ERC for the duration of their contract period.

For non-residential consumers, you may click here for more information.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

SWAG: Tuesday Surprises

Last Tuesday night, my best friend, Monique, and her son, Gabriel, went to our house and brought us a pasalubong. Nakakatouch nga eh kasi there is no occasion naman. Yung tipong naalala lang nila kami. Super sweet di ba ng mag-ina?

They gave us these yummy pichi pichi...

Sorry pangit ang kuha kasi paubos na nung naisipan kong kunan eh. Hehehe.

To Monique:

Thanks bes sa pagbisita and sa pasalubong ha! Ang daya mo, sabi mo babalik ka kinabukasan, nang-indian ka na naman! Hahaha! Sa next off mo, bisita ka ulit sa amin ha. =) Mwah!!!


When hubby came home naman, may bitbit siyang may pagka-soshal na paper bag. Bigay daw ng patient niya yun. Dali dali niyang pinabuksan sa akin dahil hindi pa raw niya ito nabubuksan. Since masunurin naman akong asawa (kahit papaano), I opened it and here are its contents...

There is a Thank You card, audio CDs and Wharton necktie and cufflinks.

Nakakatuwa di ba? Ang pinaka the best dun ay yung Thank You card. It is something personal kasi eh. Ibig sabihin, naaappreciate niya si hubby.

To Hubby's patient:

Thank you po so much for these wonderful gifts! May God bless you more and more!

Doc Padua & Che

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pet One's Dog Care on Wheels Event Experience

I felt honored to be invited by Pet One as one of their guest bloggers in their event at SM Fairview. They saw kasi my blog posts about my dog, Pawie, and they enjoyed reading it so they invited me to their event.

They asked me to bring Pawie to avail their free vet services. Unfortunately, it's hard for us to bring him since: (1) Pawie is a big dog, (2) the venue is far and (3) mahirap for us since bitbit din namin ang mga kulilits. I informed the organizer about it and they said we could bring another dog instead. So I asked Kuya Bimbo and Ai to bring their dog, Rico, kaso they begged off kasi malayo and weekends lang sila mag-asawa nagkakasama. Hindi na namin sila pinilit kasi we understand naman their situation. 

Anyway, libot libot ako sa venue and took some pictures. 

As stated, they have free veterinary services such as veterinary health check-up, anti-rabies vaccination, endo/ecto parasitic control and multivitamin supplementation...

They also gave free basic grooming services...

Here's the waiting area for dogs to be groomed...

The kulilits are super enjoy watching the dogs...

The event is loaded with activities such as games, raffles, talks and a dog fashion show...


Here is the line of registrants...

Ang daming sumali sa dog fashion show and kina-career ng mga dog owners ha! Talagang ready sila with their dogs' costumes. May mga long gowns nga akong nakita eh.

They also have free photobooth...

Siyempre, we did not miss it...

Ian, Me, Chris & Hubby

Etong mga chairs na ito, it was filled with people habang tumatagal...

Here are the pet products sold during the event...

This guy talked about responsible pet ownership...

He made it very interactive and we learned a lot from him.

I also won in one of the raffles...

I wasn't expecting to win kasi sobrang malas ko sa mga raffle. Pero I'm very happy because I won. At least kahit papaano may pasalubong na kami kay Pawie. =)

Some of the dogs at the event...

Grabe, ang daming dogs. Ang cu-cute nila! Dun ko lang na-realize na ang daming dog lovers from youngsters to oldies. =)

They also gave loot bags to participants...

Daming laman ng loot bag! I'm sure Pawie will enjoy the contents! =) Natuwa nga ako kasi may gourmet dog food. Pati pala dogs may gourmet food din. =)

And last but not the least, they gave me a free My Pet One Club membership...

I really enjoyed this event and I'm happy to meet the people behind it. They are super duper friendly. =)

I'm looking forward to their future events. They told me that they'll probably have one in the south. I'm super excited na kasi I could bring Pawie with me.

To Pet One, congratulations for your successful event and more power!

Cheat Day at Tong Yang + Weight Update as of April 24, 2012

Every Sunday is my Cheat Day. It's family day kasi eh and it is the only time na nakakaalis and eat kami together as a family.

Last Sunday, I was invited as a guest blogger at Pet One's Dog on Wheels Event at SM Farview este Fairview pala. Ang layo ano? Kahit malayo, hubby still agreed to go kasi experience daw yun for me and we can also learn a lot from the talks about pet care. Aside from that, kasama na rin dun ang gala namin as a family.

We planned to leave the house at 9:30am. Since I'm the type of person who always stick to schedules, I woke up very early to prepare our breakfast and clean the house. Pero as always, not my fault and you know who's, we left the house at 10:30am na. We arrived SM Fairview at around 11:30am. Ang bilis namin ano? Nakuha namin ng 1 hour ang biyahe with normal driving speed. Walang traffic eh!

Before going to the event, we decided to eat lunch first. The first restaurant that I saw is Tong Yang and dun ko niyaya si hubby. Years na rin kasi since the last time we ate at Tong Yang eh and feel ko mag-grill grill and mag shabu shabu.

Here are the pictures that I took of the restaurant:

The restaurant's facade...

The  price...

Puwede na ang price di ba? Not that expensive for an eat & drink all-you-can deal that will surely satisfy your cravings.

The grill and shabu shabu station...

Some sushi and maki station...

Rice, noodles, siomai and siopao station...

The sauce station...

The dessert station...

My plate...

I had assorted maki for my starter and I had bangus belly, gindara, squid, oyster and some stuff for shabu shabu for my main course. Hubby naman had beef, fish and assorted seafood.

Cooking time...

Hubby and Ian cooking...

Chris and me...

For my dessert, I got some ice cream which I shared with the kulilits.

Don't you worry, I'm still aware that I'm on a diet. It does not mean naman that if you're on diet, i-dedeprive mo na ang sarili mo sa mga gusto mong kainin right? Puwede pa rin naman kumain as long as in moderation di ba? Hindi na ako yung tipong sige sige or yung may thinking na dapat makasulit.

Actually, I finished eating ahead of hubby and since the kulilits are getting bored already, I told hubby that I'll go to the event na with the twins para malibang libang yung dalawa sa mga dogs.

Me: Be, punta na ako sa event ha? Ang kulit na kasi ng dalawa eh para maaliw sa mga dogs doon.
Doc Padu: Ha? Tapos ka na?
Me: Yup! Bakit?
Doc Padu: Parang ang konti ng nakain mo?
Me: Ok na ako. Busog na ako. Para makakain ka na rin ng matino.
Doc Padu: Ok!

So there, the kulilits and I went na to the event (I'll tell you more about it later). Grabe ha, ang tagal ni hubby sa Tong Yang. Akala ko patapos na siya kumain nung umalis kami pero it took him around 30 minutes pa ata bago siya sumunod sa amin. Kaya I texted him na.

Me: Be, asan ka na? Tagal ka pa po? Lab u!
Doc Padu: Nandito pa. Patapos na. Lab u!
Me: Tagal ka pa be? Inubos mo na po ba ang buong Tong Yang? Lab u!
Doc Padu: Medyo. Pero nagreklamo na yung mga bagong dating. Lab u!
Me: Ok. Bilisan mo na po ha. Lab u!

O di ba, nakuha pang maki-ride sa biro ko si hubby. Naka-ilang round pa raw siya. Grabe ano? Takaw much ni hubby. Kaya di pumapayat eh. Hehehe.

Anyway, we enjoyed our dining experience at Tong Yang. Satisfied naman kami lalo na si hubby. He's been craving daw for shell fish for weeks na and panay thank you sa akin after eating dahil nasatisfy niya yung cravings niya.

And for my weight loss update...

I'm happy to announce that from 190lbs from my last update, I'm down to 186lbs. Partida yan ha kasi I somewhat lack exercise now-a-days. Busy busy kasi eh. Ang form of exercise ko lang is yung swimming ng mga kulilits and doing the house chores. So kahit medyo mabagal ang progress ko, happy pa rin ako kasi nag-lose pa rin ako. =)

Pero promise, by next week, makakapag-exercise rin ako religiously dahil patapos na ang swimming lessons ng mga kulilits.

Til' next update na lang ulit...

Balance Sheet of Life

I think this is worth sharing with you guys...

photo source

Nakakawindang na Wednesday

Lam niyo ba kahapon, super nawindang talaga ako. May swimming lessons kasi ang kambal and biglang hindi available si Lolo Em and Lola Es. Buti na lang talaga at tinawagan ko si Mama Es kung hindi, hindi ko malalaman na wala pala kaming makakasama sa swimming lessons.

Si hubby hindi naman puwepuwede that time since sa Laguna ang kanyang mga clinic and alanganin ang oras ng swimming lessons. So I texted hubby to ask Teacher Ana if I could go there by myself lang with the twins. Kaso ang sagot, kailangan daw talaga na may kasama akong isa pang adult para magawa ng kulilits ang mga exercises and para hindi rin ako mahirapan.

Then I called up my best friend Monique...

Me: Bes, may big favor ako sa iyo. Sana pumayag ka...
Monique: Hay naku ha, ayaw ko magswimming!
Me: Yun nga eh. Wala kasi akong makakasama eh. Hindi raw pwede ang mga biyenan ko eh.
Monique: Basta, ayaw ko magswimming ano! Makikita ang mga pata pata ko!
Me: Ano ka ba! Ok lang yun no. 30 minutes lang naman eh. Bakit sa Nuvali, nagswimming ka?
Monique: Iba yun! Dun, tayo lang. E doon, may teacher na and may ibang kasama.
Me: Oks lang yun. Wag kang mag-alala, mataba rin ang teacher! Apir tayong tatlo!
Monique: Ayaw ko talaga. Mag-hanap ka muna ng ibang makakasama.

The conversation goes on... Pinilit ko ng pinilit si bessy kaso lang ayaw talaga.

Inisip ko naman si Kuya Bimbo which is kapit-bahay lang namin. Kaso lang alanganin ang oras and sleeping time niya yun since pang-gabi siya. So malabo talaga kaya hindi ko na binulabog.

So isip isip pa. Talo talo na talaga! Yung maid na lang ni Mama G ang last resort ko. Eh nagrerenovate ng bahay and siya ang bantay (since my parents are still in India) so parang alanganin. Pero I still tried and asked kung saan nag-gagawa. Buti na lang sa labas nagpipintura and hindi sa loob ng house and pakyawan ang deal sa mga trabahador so puwede! I asked the maid kung puwede niya akong samahan. Buti na lang game siya mag-swim at walang arte sa katawan. So ayun, dali dali kong hinatak para bumili ng swim suit sa ukay ukay. Buti na lang at small ang size niya so hindi kami nahirapan mag-hanap ng swim suit. Guess how much ang swim suit na nabili namin? P50.00 lang! Hahaha!

Anyway, na-solve na ang problema ko at nakapagswimming na kami. Buti na lang at 2nd to the last session na yun.

During the swimming session, very good ang mga kulilits. Super nakakatuwa sila! Ang laki na ng improvement nila. Since natuwa ako sa kanila, nag-drive-thru kami sa Mc Donald's to buy them hot fudge sundae. Here are their cute pictures...



So that's my story yesterday...

But wait, may isang taong alam kong makakabasa nito at malamang magagalit sa akin and that is Mama G. Kaya here is my message to you madir...

To Mama G:

Ma, alam ko pong nagbabasa ka ng blog ko. Super pasensya na po talaga at hinatak ko na naman ang maid mo. Alam kong matotodas na naman ako sa iyo pag-uwi mo. Wala na po talaga akong choice eh. Kapit patalim na talaga. Sinubukan ko naman pong magpaka super nanay, kaso ayaw pumayag ng teacher. Super sorry. I know you would understand since para naman po sa mga apo mo eh. Love you po!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Blast 4 Experience

We went to Trinoma to attend the Baby Blast Event. Curious lang kasi ako what it is all about and nagbakasakali rin ako that my twins will be chosen as one of the cutest baby. Ako na talaga ang number one stage mother ever!!! Hahaha!

There are a lot of talks there which hubby and I learned a lot. Dun ko lang nalaman that children below 7 years old should watch TV for about 30 minutes only. Naloka ako dun ha! Yun kasi ang one diversion ko for the kulilits para makagawa ako ng household chores eh. Kaya ayun, simula ng nalaman ko yun, marami na akong activities na ginagawa for them.

I got some energy saving tips din para mabawas bawasan kahit papaano ang energy consumption namin. One energy saving tip that stuck to my mind is that you should unplug all unused appliances since kahit hindi ginagamit may electric consumption pa rin yun.

I learned a lot also about recycling and how to use available used materials as toys. Ang galing nga eh!

I like to share to you some of the pictures during the event...

Some of the speakers...

The crowd...

Some of the booths...


First hosts, Jackie and Tony Aquino...

Hubby as one of the daddy volunteer during a talk about marital relationships...

While hubby is on the stage, the kulilits also went up. Ayaw papigil! Here is Chris...

Ian naman he went to his daddy. Nakikiagaw sa attention! Di naman halatang wala silang stage fright ano? Hehehe...

Paolo Santos as one of the guest performers...

Next set of hosts, Snooky Serna and Jenny Miller...

Guess what? Napansin ni Snooky ang mga kulilits! They are so cute daw and I said thank you to her. Hehehe.

Last but not the least, my kulilits are chosen as one of the cutest baby...

Ok di ba? Stage mother na stage mother lang ang peg ko! Hahaha! They said that lalabas daw ang pictures ng mga chosen cutest babies sa next issue ng Baby Magazine. =) Hopefully, nandun nga ang pictures ng dalawang bagets. Hehehe.

So yan ang experience ko when we attended the event. Kahit super haba, enjoy naman kami. =)