Friday, March 01, 2013

Thoughts About Homeschooling

I'm planning to homeschool my boys. In fact, I'm reading a lot about it already. I'm so happy that my hubby and parents are mega supportive about it.

Here are my reasons why I want to homeschool my boys:

  1. I have the heart to educate my children. Education is a no joke. I believe that one should have a heart and will power when it comes to educating their own children. 
  2. I believe that I'm called to educate my children. Ever since, I told myself that I'll become a full time housewife once I become a home. Being a housewife means managing home and part of it is educating my own children.
  3. I can instill Christian values to my children. I strongly believe that character building and values formation is very important to an individual than having knowledge alone. 
  4. It will help me build stronger relationship with my children. Thus, creating a strong sense of family.
  5. Prevention of Negative Peer Pressure. Negative peer pressure is common in traditional school setting. Examples are doing drugs, drinking, smoking, premarital sex, stealing, cutting classes and bullying.
  6. Individualized instruction is better than institutionalized education. There is more focus in terms of teaching a child.
  7. Flexible schedule. I can teach my children anytime and anywhere. We'll have our own schedule.
  8. Homeschool programs are also accredited abroad. In case we plan to live abroad in the future, we'll not have a problem in terms of our children's education.
  9. Lower cost.  Homeschooling is cheaper than enrolling to traditional schools.
  10. Homeschooling produces achievers. There are a lot of homeschooled achievers. To name a few are Agatha Christie, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Robert Frost, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, C.S. Lewis and Albert Einstein.

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