Monday, March 11, 2013

Sale Alert: S & R Early Bird March Sale

Guys, guess what? S&R has an ongoing early bird March sale. We went there yesterday and I'm surprised that a lot of items are on sale already.

Here are some of the pictures that I took...

Kaya those of you who want to shop at S&R and ayaw na makipila on March 13 to 17, you have until tomorrow to shop for their early bird March sale.

Happy shopping! =)


  1. sis! what did you buy? we're planning to go tomorrow.. we're gonna check some stuff din kung naka sale na.. then grab na.. hassle din sumabay sa maraming tao.. hehe.. magbabakasakali lang kami kung sale na ibang home stuff..

    1. Hello sis! I didn't not buy anything. Lam mo na, iwas iwas na muna sa gastos. Sinamahan lang namin in-laws ko. Sila na lang ang namili for the kulilits. Hehehe. BTW, most items are already on sale. Dami B1T1 such as party tables and linens.

      Ok na rin mamili sis kaysa sa member's treat na siguradong dudumugin ng tao. 😊