Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Globe's Erroneous Billing Statement

I got our Globe DSL + Landline Billing Statement for the month of February and I was surprised because we incurred extra charges. I reviewed it and discovered that it came from NDD calls. Ang weird lang because (1) we don't have NDD  and (2) calls were made last February 2 eh we were in Bohol that time.

I asked hubby to call Globe's customer service hotline to question it. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to talk to a customer service representative since it is already late. He tried reaching Globe also via SMS pero fail pa rin. He'll call na lang daw tomorrow.

Anyway, I want to share you this...

In general,
  • It is a good practice that you review all the billing statements that you are receiving (credit cards, utilities, etc.). 
  • You need to be aware how much is the basic charge of your plan. From there, you will know if you incurred additional charges.
  • Hindi dapat bayad lang ng bayad. You need to check each items in the billing statement para alam niyo if talagang nag-avail kayo ng chinacharge nila. Kagaya nitong experience namin, napaka-impossible naman talaga na magka NDD call kami that time. 
  • You should not be afraid to question these additional charges. Call their hotline and tell them your concern. 
  • Don't hesitate to demand full reversal of these erroneous charges. Why should you pay for something that you did not avail di ba?

So guys, be mindful of your bills for you never know if you are paying for services that you didn't use/avail...

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