Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dinner at Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant

Hello guys! I haven't blogged for a couple of days ano? Very busy kasi ako last weekend eh. Mostly nasa labas ako and late na sobra nakakauwi.

Last Saturday, I went to Makati to attend a special health presentation and business overview of Life Enzyme. Kailangan kasi nandun ako eh. Lam niyo na, support to hubby and my dad. Yang Life Enzyme na yan yung reason kung bakit kami nagpunta ng Taiwan last January.

Moving on... Hubby was one of the speakers kasi. Natuwa ang daddy ko kasi ang ganda raw ng presentation ni hubby so nagyaya siya magdinner sa labas. We ate at Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant. It is located beside Wensha SPA at Buendia.

We ordered the following:

Bird's Nest Soup. The soup is super delicious. Ramdam na ramdam mo yung bird's nest. Sa soup pa lang solve na ako!

Jelly Fish with Century Egg. Every time we eat sa Chinese restaurant, we always order this as our appetizer. Sarap din ng timpla nila sa jelly fish. Tama lang, not that salty and not that spicy. Medyo bitin lang sa century egg.

Fried Rice w/ Diced Chicken & Salted Fish. Hindi ko natikman ito since I didn't eat rice (diet ako eh! Haha!). Pero masarap naman siguro kasi taob eh.

Fried Rice w/ Diced Chicken & Salted Fish

Lapu-Lapu Fillet with White Sauce. I love this! Fresh yung fish so juicy and manamis namis. Nakadagdag din ng sarap yung sauce. Even the the twins loved it.

Lapu-Lapu Fillet with White Sauce

Brocolli Flower w/ Dry Scallop & Golden Mushroom. I find this a little salty maybe because I didn't eat it with rice.

Brocolli Flower w/ Dry Scallop & Golden Mushroom

Sliced Beef with Mushroom. Hindi ko rin natikman ito since I'm not eating beef anymore. According to my hubby, masarap naman daw ang malambot yung beef.

Sliced Beef with Mushroom

Lapu Lapu Fillet Congee. I ordered this for the kulilits. I tasted it, I didn't like it that much kasi may parsley eh. I find it too bland also. Pero for the kulilits, mukhang ok ang taste for them since naubos nila ito.

Lapu Lapu Fillet Congee

Mango Sago. I didn't like their mango sago. Malabnaw and matabang kasi eh. Next time I eat here, I'll order a different dessert.

Mango Sago

Overall, masarap naman ang food nila. They serve it hot and generous naman ang serving. They serve authentic Chinese dishes. Marami rin kumakain dito and maraming Chinese. So kapag maraming Chinese na kumakain, ibig sabihin masarap talaga.

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