Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Puppet Making with the Kulilits

The other day, the kulilits and I made puppets using old white socks. Nainggit kasi kami while watching Special Agent Oso at Disney Junior eh kaya gaya gaya puto maya kami. Hehehe.

You will only need old white socks and colored markers...

You can see here that the kulilits are well-behaved. They are very excited for our activity that day...

I was the one who made the puppets. Dog and cat ang gusto kong gawin kaso nagmukhang mga aliens eh. Hahaha!



I demonstrated to the kulilits how to play with the puppets with matching imbentong conversation. Then I let them play with the puppets on their own.

Ang cute ng mga kulilits ano? 

I'm happy that they enjoyed our activity for the day. I'm sure that making and playing the puppets would boost their creativity and imagination.

I'm looking forward to more fun activities with the kulilits...

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