Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frugal Tip No. 6: Reuse and Recycle

Reusing and recycling things can help you save money. Here are some things that I usually reuse/recycle to save some bucks...

Plastic Bags

  • Big plastic bags (grocery bags, big diaper packaging, tissue packaging, etc.)
    • I use them for packing stuff
    • I use them as trash bags - Since mahal ang trash bags, I usually make it a point to save big plastic bags.  
  • Small plastic bags (plastic labo and other small plastic packaging)
    • I use them for small trash (fish bones, chicken bones, vegetable trimmings, used cooking oil etc.)
Grocery Paper Bags
  • I use them for packing stuff
  • I use them as trash bags for dry wastes
Paper Bags with Handle
  • Shopping Paper Bags - I use them for bringing some stuff
  • Gift Paper Bags - I keep them for future gifts
Gift Wrappers
  • I use them to wrap gifts
  • I use them for crafts
  • I use them in wrapping gifts
  • I use them to hold curtains
  • I use them to tie things
  • I use them to tie cabinets so that the kulilits won't be able to open them
  • I use them for crafts
Used Coffee Grounds
  • I use them as fertilizer for our plants
  • Some other uses of used coffee grounds that I researched:
    • Deterant for cats by sprinkling around beds or pots in the garden
    • Facial mask by mixing some mashed avocado
    • For ashtray
    • Anti-cellulite scrub
    • Can be used to get the smell of onion or garlic off your hands
    • Can be used as a replacement of baking soda to eliminate odors of your fridge or freezer
    • Ants, snails and slugs repellant
    • Brown fabric dye
    • Can be used to scour away grease on your pots and pans
    • Dried used coffee grounds can get rid of the stink of your smelly pair of shoes
    • Can be used to prevent dandruff
    • Skin exfoliant
    • Can be used to color scratches of your wooden furniture
    • Can be used to give paper "aged" look
Old Clothes and Towels
  • I use them as rags or pamunas (cleaning cloths)
  • Here are some other ways to reuse old clothes and towels:
    • Patches
    • Gloves
    • Fabric accessories - headbands, hair ties, bracelets, necklaces or belts, little pouches etc.
    • Chairs like bean bags
    • Shopping bags
    • Make stuffed toys or clothes for your stuffed toys
    • Quilt
    • Book cover
    • Pillows and cushions
    • Shock absorber
    • Ropes
    • Winter accessories - scarves, hats and mittens
    • Pet clothes
  • I cut them to be used as scratch paper
  • Paper for my kulilits to draw/write on
  • I make improvised envelopes
Old Newspaper
  • I use them to clean glass and mirrors
  • I use them as cushion for my ceramics or other breakable things
  • I use to them to dry things
  • I use them as pansalo ng kalat 
  • I use them to light charcoals
  • Something to sit on when I'm outside
  • Other uses of old newspaper:
    • Paper mache
    • For dog poop
    • Painting mask
    • Gift wrappers
    • Packaging
    • Used to ripen tomatoes
    • Fruit and vegetable drawer liner
    • Paper funnel
    • Shoe and boot mat
    • Garden Mulch
    • Deodorizer of stinky shoes
    • Shelf lining
    • Cooler deodorizer
    • Grill cleaner
    • Cheap rags
    • Hat shapers
Tin Cans
  • Small Tin Cans
    • Knick Knacks organizer - safety pins, paper clips, hair pins, etc.
  • Big Tin Cans
    • Sewing kit
    • Storage - food, detergent powders, charcoal, letters, etc.
  • I use them to organize things
  • I use them as gift boxes
Plastic To-Go Containers
  • I use it in bringing baon which I intend to dispose the container afterwards
  • I use it for guest take outs after party para kahit hindi na mareturn yung container ok lang
  • Can be used as containers for ingredients preparation
  • I use it to organize things - crayons and other abubots
Liquid Soap Dispensers
  • I usually buy refills na lang since it is cheaper then I refill the dispenser
Nice Bottles
  • I use Starbucks bottles as coin banks
  • Flower vase
  • Other uses:
    • Crafts
    • Ornaments
    • Wind Chimes

Actually, there are a lot more. How about you, what items do you usually reuse/recycle?

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