Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Excited Again!!!

Weee!!! Ang lapit na naman ng weekend. I'm overly excited na!!! We'll be going to Clark kasi for the 18th Philippine International Hotair Balloon Fiesta. Before kasi as a couple lang kami nagpupunta dito, pero ngayon as a family na. I'm sure the kulilits will enjoy it.

Since excited nga ako, we bought a kite. Sabi ko kay hubby, magkite flying kami with the kulilits. Alam niyo yun, bonding bonding. =)

Here is the kite that we bought. Eto na ang pinakamatinong design eh. Sana mapalipad namin. Hehehe.

I bought also these chichas for our baon. Addict ako sa fish chicharon na ito eh.

Alam niyo ba na aside from the exhibitions there, may concert din sila this time. This made my hubby naman excited. Alam mo naman yun, frustrated rakista kasi eh. Hehehe.


How about you guys, are you going there too? Kitakits tayo ha...

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