Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My Blessed 2012

How do I describe my 2012? Well, all I could say is that I'm truly blessed that year.

Here are the things I'm grateful for in 2012:
  • For our God who is continuously blessing us, guiding us in everything we do and protecting us from harm.
  • Happy married life - I really thank God for giving me a very understanding, patient, loving and supportive husband.
  • My super adorable twins - Until now I can't believe that God gave me twins!
  • My supportive parents and my brothers
  • My In-laws
  • Good health of my husband and my twins
  • My successful laparascopic cholecystectomy procedure
  • Domestic and international travelling experience with my loved ones
  • Success in my husband's career that allowed me to become a full-time housewife
  • For not experiencing lack
  • and for being a blessing to other people
There's nothing I could ask more in life. Though we are not that filthy rich, I feel that I'm very blessed...


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