Saturday, December 01, 2012

Kulilits Moments: Ben the Cloud Rat

Ian has a Cloud Rat Gund stuffed toy that looks exactly like this...

His toy's name is Ben. Ian loves Ben dearly to the point that he cannot sleep without him. He brings Ben anywhere. He even hugs and kisses him.

But last night, while watching Baby TV with Ian...

Baby TV showed a segment on different kinds of mice.

Me (to the kulilits) What are those babies?

Deadma ang mga kulilits, very serious sa panunuod ng TV eh.

Me: Those are mice. Mga bubwit!

Chris: Da-ga...

Me: No anak, those are bubwit.

Deadma pa rin ang mga kulilits.

Me (got Ben): Look o, they look like Ben. See Ian?

Ian got Ben from me and threw Ben away.

Me (picked up Ben and tried to give it back to Ian): Why did you throw Ben Ian? Di ba he is your pet?

Ian (pushed Ben away and shook his head): Yak! Yak! Diego! Diego! (Diego is Chris' Tamaraw Gund Stuffed Toy)

Me: No Ian, Diego is Chris' pet. Ben is not yucky. He is your pet. Di ba you love him? Wawa naman si Ben oh.

Ian (finally got Ben back): Ben, yak! yak!

Kakatawa talaga si Ian. Nung narealize niya na mukhang mouse si Ben, biglang ayaw na niya. Buti na lang bandang huli love na niya ulit ito.  =)

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