Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adventures in Quezon: Palaisdaan Restaurant

There are a lot of palaisdaan around Lucban but we ate at the original Palaisdaan Restaurant.

They serve the usual menu found in a palaisdaan type of restaurant. Usually Filipino food - inihaw, sigang, gata etc,

I did not bother to take pictures of the food that we ordered kasi for me ordinary lang siya. Lam niyo yun, the usual dish lang that you can see in every Filipino home. For our main course, we ordered sinigang na hipon, sinugno (inihaw na tilapia with gata), fried chicken, sinigang na tanigue and inihaw na pusit. We were suppose to order alimango kaso dollar naman ang presyo. Biruin niyo for a one piece of alimango P500.00 daw!!! For our drinks, we ordered ripe mango shake, green mango shake and buko shake. They served it without a straw since bawal daw ang plastic sa Lucban every Wednesday. And for our dessert, we ordered leche flan.

Look at hubby here,  mukhang namula ang hasang. LOL!

After lunch, I strolled around and took some pictures of the place...

There are nicely landscaped walkway.

The floating dining areas (I dunno what to call them).

The restroom.

What can I say about this restaurant?

Ambiance - Beautiful setup of floating dining areas, nice interior of reception and well-landscaped walkways. The place is nice for relaxation as you can see and feed the fishes in the pond. The only drawback in this restaurant is that they don't have electric fans in the floating dining areas. When we went there, it is so hot and very humid.

Food - So so lang. Very ordinary. Pero siyempre when it comes to the tilapia, masarap and manamis namis since fresh catch lagi.

Server - They are fast and courteous.

Will I recommend it?

Yes, of course, I recommend it. Specially dun sa hindi pa nakakaexperience ng pagdine sa palaisdaan.

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