Thursday, September 06, 2012

Adventures in Puerto Princesa Part 2: Ka Lui's

On Day 2, we ate our dinner at Ka Lui's. I was hoping that time na sana sa Kinabuch kami magdinner since we were not able to try that resto the last time we went to Puerto Princesa. Anyway, ok na rin, the food naman at Ka Lui's is delicious eh and its worth it naman balik balikan ang resto because of its ambiance. Aside from that, I had the chance to take pictures of the restrooms there.

Here are the restroom photos...

The sink is made of real wood.


The wooden doors of the cubicles. Notice the hole beside the handle? Yan yung way para malaman if occupied yung cubicle. Once maglock yung person inside, mabloblock yung hole. Cool di ba?

Cubicle Doors

Bonggacious ang restroom ng Ka Lui's di ba? Sa sobrang ganda, pwede ka na matulog sa loob.

For our food naman, here are the photos:

The appetizers...

Seaweeds. I didn't try this. I don't eat this kasi. Nalansahan kasi ako nung first time kong nakatikim nito.


Clam Soup. Kulang siya sa lasa for me. Hindi masyadong naglasa yung clam and mukhang konti lang yung ginger na nilagay.

Clam Soup

Hilaw na Mangga with Bagoong Alamang. I'm not a fan of green mangoes that's why I didn't try this.

Hilaw na Mangga with Bagoong Alamang

The main dish...

Sweet and sour Lapu Lapu. The fish used is really fresh. Manamis namis. Normally kasi ang Lapu Lapu medyo malansa kapag di na gaanong fresh.

Sweet & Sour Lapu Lapu

Grilled Tuna. They served it hot. The tuna is cooked perfectly kaya juicy siya and hindi matigas. Very flavorful din. Nanuot sa tuna meat yung seasoning.

Grilled Tuna

Ginisang Kangkong. The Kangkong was not overcooked.  Nandun pa yung crispness niya. This is delicious also.

Ginisang Kangkong

Shrimps. Medyo bitin since it has a small serving.


Crispy Tuna Tail. It's really yummy and tasty.  I also enjoyed the banana fritters that come with it.

Crispy Tuna Tail

Seafood Sisig.  Masarap din pero sana mas maliit yung pieces para sisig na sisig talaga ang dating.

Seafood Sisig

Steamed Crabs.  See does aligue? Mukhang masarap no? Pero, masarap daw talaga. Medyo nabitin nga yung mga kasama ko eh.

Steamed Crabs

Our drinks...

I got ripe mango shake.

Ripe Mango Shake

And hubby got a calamansi shake.

Calamansi Shake

Our dessert.

Fresh fruits. They used fresh coconut to hold the fresh fruits instead of an ordinary bowl and used barbecue sticks as fruit picks. Creative no? What's unique about this is muscovado sugar is sprinkled over the fruits. It added character to the taste of the fruits.

Fresh Fruits

That's it. Ang dami di ba? Nakakagutom tuloy.

Wait! Wait! Wait! I'm not yet done pa pala. I want to share you a picture of one of the poles sa isang area ng resto.

Ang kulit lang nito eh. Bigla na lang sumulpot. Wala akong masabi sa owner ng resto. Masyado talaga siyang creative.

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