Sunday, September 30, 2012

S&R Member's Treat: September 26 to 30, 2012

Last Friday, I need to go to the Registry of Deeds in Tanauan, Batangas to pick up the title of our property in Laurel so I borrowed the car of my mom. Initially, she did not agree because she needs the car daw. I told my mom that it won't take me 2 hours to travel to and from Tanauan. So she gave in and just asked me to drop her at S&R na lang para makapagshop siya since there is an ongoing sale there. Then I told her na I might as well go at S&R na rin to buy some lava cakes, instead of Krispy Kreme, to give the staff of registry of deeds.

When we arrived at S&R Alabang eto ang bumulaga sa amin...

Blockbuster pa rin ang pila. We spent almost 3 hours sa pila kaya nakapagshop din tuloy ako ng di oras.

Here are my loots...

I bought some salmon belly. Yum! Yum! Yum! Sarap nito sa sinigang sa miso or just cook it toasted sa butter with some garlic.

Asuhos fillet. I love making fish tempura out of this.

Lava cakes. See 3 pieces na lang ang natira. Sarap kasi sobra eh. Nakakaaddict!

Listerine Mouth Wash. Buy 1 take 1 ito. So sulit na. Yun nga lang mukhang pang 1 year supply namin ni hubby ito.

Drypers for the kulilits. Bad trip lang because hindi siya sale. Pero di naman halatang hoarder talaga ako no?

Bed sheets. Buy 1 Take 1 din.

Organic eggs. Buy 1 take 1 so lalabas less than 5 ang isa. Sulit na kasi mahal ang organic eggs eh. Kaso nga lang October 14 and 18 ang expiration.

Sesame Street lotion for the kulilits. P75 lang kaya bumili na ako.

Konti lang ang binili ko kasi kailangan magpigil. Hehehe. Mahirap na kapag napasubo baka mapagalitan ako ni hubby. Anyway, maraming sale na items. Yun ang maganda sa S&R eh kaya dinadagsa. Sale talaga kapag sale. As in bagsak presyo.

You still have until today para makahabol sa sale. Kaya go na!

Adventures in Quezon: Our Travel Loots

We went to Villamater in Sariaya, Quezon to have our travel loots. Yun yung recommended ng med rep sa amin eh. Tried and tested na raw niya. Kaya go kami dun!

So what did we get?

A huge can of broas. Sarap nito panterno sa kape.

Pianono! This is not an ordinary pianono. Ang bigat niya promise!

And of course, hindi kami puwedeng umalis ng Quezon without buying Lucban longganisa for hubby. Hindi naman halatang napakaraming biniling longganisa ano?

So that's it! Ciao!

Adventures in Quezon: Palaisdaan Restaurant

There are a lot of palaisdaan around Lucban but we ate at the original Palaisdaan Restaurant.

They serve the usual menu found in a palaisdaan type of restaurant. Usually Filipino food - inihaw, sigang, gata etc,

I did not bother to take pictures of the food that we ordered kasi for me ordinary lang siya. Lam niyo yun, the usual dish lang that you can see in every Filipino home. For our main course, we ordered sinigang na hipon, sinugno (inihaw na tilapia with gata), fried chicken, sinigang na tanigue and inihaw na pusit. We were suppose to order alimango kaso dollar naman ang presyo. Biruin niyo for a one piece of alimango P500.00 daw!!! For our drinks, we ordered ripe mango shake, green mango shake and buko shake. They served it without a straw since bawal daw ang plastic sa Lucban every Wednesday. And for our dessert, we ordered leche flan.

Look at hubby here,  mukhang namula ang hasang. LOL!

After lunch, I strolled around and took some pictures of the place...

There are nicely landscaped walkway.

The floating dining areas (I dunno what to call them).

The restroom.

What can I say about this restaurant?

Ambiance - Beautiful setup of floating dining areas, nice interior of reception and well-landscaped walkways. The place is nice for relaxation as you can see and feed the fishes in the pond. The only drawback in this restaurant is that they don't have electric fans in the floating dining areas. When we went there, it is so hot and very humid.

Food - So so lang. Very ordinary. Pero siyempre when it comes to the tilapia, masarap and manamis namis since fresh catch lagi.

Server - They are fast and courteous.

Will I recommend it?

Yes, of course, I recommend it. Specially dun sa hindi pa nakakaexperience ng pagdine sa palaisdaan.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventures in Quezon: Kamay ni Hesus

After checking-out from our hotel in Lucena, we traveled to Lucban so that we could see Kamay ni Hesus. Nothing spectacular with the place. It's just like the Groto in Baguio where you will climb up a number of steps going to the big statue of Jesus Christ.

I did not attempt to climb up since I'm not feeling well that time. Aside from that, I can't stand the heat. Feeling ko I'll have a migraine attack kapag umakyat ako eh. Sila na lang ang pinaakyat ko (hubby, manang, kulilits and the med reps) and gumala gala na lang ako around the area.

Here are what you can see around Kamay ni Hesus...

There is a Church there where most of the first time visitors pass by first. Sabi ng mga nakakatanda,  kapag first time mo sa isang simbahan, dapat magwiwish ka.

There is this so-called Garden of Eden.

When you enter the Garden of Eden, you will see characters from the Old Testament. Nandun si Adam and Eve tapos there is a play area where there are a lot of animal sculptures and may Noah's arc pa.

There is also a stretch of souvenir shops. They are selling t-shirts, key chains, displays, etc.

and even Lucban delicacies such as Broas and Lucban Longganisa.

After making gala, I rested in a covered area beside the Church. Natuwa ako because there is this group of oldies na nagkwekwentuhan dun. Wala lang, naaliw lang ako sa kanila and umabot sa point na nag-iimagine na ako kung ano magiging looks ko when I reach that age. Hehehe.

Finally, nakababa na rin sila hubby. Look at my hubby here, ang daming sebong lumabas sa katawan. Hahaha. Basang basa talaga ang t-shirt niya. Puwedeng puwedeng pigain. Proud na proud siya kasi naakyat niya yung 200 plus steps. Achievement daw yun and kailangan niya rin daw magpa-impress sa mga kulilits.

This is only our side trip in Quezon then we went to Palaisdaan Restaurant to eat our Lunch.

Adventures in Quezon: Queen Margarette Hotel

My hubby was invited by a certain pharma company to be their resource speaker last Tuesday at Lucena, Quezon. He brought us with him and we stayed at Queen Margarette Hotel - the event venue. I think we were booked at a VIP Suite Room based on my research of the hotel's website (

I think the hotel is quite old already based on the smell and look of the room.  Here are some of the pictures that I took...

The king size bed. It is a spring bed (if that's the term to be used) that's why the kulilits and I jumped on it (which they really enjoyed). Spot at the kulilits at the background. Oh di ba, we ransacked the place?

The sofa where Manang slept. Ang weird no isa lang ang throw pillow?

The work area.

The vanity table. Look at one of the kulilits, nag-iinspect na ng cabinets.

The restroom with bathtub.

The simple lavatory and few toiletries.

Basically, this hotel is just good for stopover. It is not a classy hotel. Maybe because of its location. I have no reason to complain though since our stay here is for free.

About the hotel food, they have two restaurants - Filipino and Chinese. We tried the Filipino restaurant (through room service) for our dinner. We ordered Pancit Lucban, Chicken Barbecue, Inihaw na Liempo and Pritong Hito. Masarap naman and reasonable ang serving plus they served it hot.

With their amenities, they have SPA and swimming pool. The kulilits were not able to swim because they woke up late and we have to leave at 10:00am for our side trip to Kamay ni Hesus.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

HSBC Promo: Bag Sale on September 29

Hubby forwarded me a text message...

"Markdown Sale for BVLGARI BURBERRY CHARRIOL PRADA TODS & MARK JACOBS opens exclusively at 9am for HSBC cardholders at Greenbelt 4 on Sept 29. Be the first to pick from great deals of up to 65% OFF. Enjoy 0% installment on selected items up to 12 mos when you use your HSBC Credit Card. T&C apply. DTI-NCR 0469. So2012"

I asked him why did he forward HSBC's message to me. He told me baka gusto ko raw bumili ng bag. Ay sus talaga ang hubby ko napakakunsintedor ano?

I told him na I don't have any plans of buying a bag right now. Tama na muna sa akin kung ano ang meron ako ngayon. Mga kulilits ang priority ko right now eh. Kailangan pag-ipunan ang kanilang magandang future. Aside from that, may pinag-iipunan din ako para kay hubby.

Anyway, friends with HSBC credit card, you might want to take advantage of this markdown sale. Minsan lang ito in a year. But remember guys, think a million times first before you buy. Ciao! =)

Family Dinner at Banapple

After strolling around Metro Mall Alabang, we went to Banapple to eat our dinner. The resto is just small that's why we waited outside to be seated. Pangfour pa kami sa pila that's why we decided to order already para once na may seats na kami, seserve na lang yung food.

Here are what we ordered:

My hubby, Lolo M (father-in-law) and Francis aka Kuya Bimbo (brother-in-law) ordered Banapple's bestseller - hickory smoked barbecued country ribs.


Ai (sister-in-law) and Manang ordered Hearty Heavenly Breakfast. Ai replaced her rice with bread.


 Lola Es (mother-in-law) ordered Asian Sunshine Salad.


I ordered Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne. It was so yummy!!! I love the sauce and the penne is cooked al dente. I also liked the toasted pesto bread that comes with it.


And for our dessert, we had Apple Pie...

Pecan Pie...

and their famous Banoffee Pie...

Overall, we had a great experience here at Banapple! Everything is delicious and inexpensive. Aside from that, siyempre good company rin! Ika-nga ni Kuya Bimbo sa FB status niya: "Meal Time is Family Time". Sayang nga lang we are not complete because JC (brother-in-law) is in Singapore and Chezca (sister-in-law) is on-duty.

L-R: Doc Padu, Kuya Bimbo, Ai, Chris, Manang, Me, Ian, Lola Es, Lolo M 

Have a great day!

Kulilits Video: Testing the Samsonite Lightweight Luggage

Metro Mall Alabang was turned into a huge playground by the kulilits when we were there last Sunday. Buti na lang cute ang kambal kaya imbis na maimbiyerna ang mga saleslady, natuwa pa sila.

My MIL kasi is shopping for a handcarry luggage for their upcoming trips. Ayun, ang kambal nakiloko. And take note ha, marunong mamili ng maleta. Samsonite pa ang hinatak and yung lightweight pa na model. Check out the video below and enjoy...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wooden Fence for the Kulilits

The kulilits are in their terrible 1s. Yes, 1 hindi 2. One year old pa lang sila pero sobrang lilikot at kukulit nila. Takbo dito, takbo doon. Akyat dito, akyat doon. Sampa dito, sampa doon. At marami pang iba!

Minsan, muntik na mabagok ulo ni Ian sa hagdan. Napatalikod lang ako to put something in the sink, natanggal niya yung harang na nilagay ko sa stairs tapos umakyat. Tapos nung hahabulin ko na, nagmadali lalong umakyat. Kaya ayun, na out-of-balance siya at nalaglag patalikod. Buti na lang mabilis ang reflexes ko at nasalo ko yung ulo. Sobrang kinabahan ako sa nangyari and hindi ko ata mapapatawad ang sarili ko if something serious happened to my baby.

Kaya ayun, dali dali ako tumawag sa father-in-law ko to ask if they have some spare wood para makagawa ng harang sa stairs. I told him what happened to Ian. He got scared also kaya nagpacustomize siya agad agad ng wooden fence.

The fence is made up of palo china and it fits well sa stairs namin:

The fence at the first floor.

The fence at the second floor.

Ok naman di ba? At least safe na for the kulilits to roam around the house without me worrying na makaakyat sa stairs.

SWAG: Leche Flan

A delighted patient gave my hubby a leche flan...

Ang sarap niya! Hindi siya yung tinipid sa egg yolk.

Haaayyyssssttt...Kaya hindi talaga kami mamayat mayat ni hubby eh!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Korean Ice Cream Hoarding Ba Kamo?

I went last week to my favorite Korean Grocery at BF Homes and guess what I did? I just hoarded my favorite Korean Ice Creams - Melona and Red Bean Ice Cream.

Natawa nga sa akin yung saleslady eh. She even asked me kung para saan ba raw yung mga binili ko. Sabi ko, wala lang, stock ko lang. Lagi kasing na ou-out-of-stock eh kaya nanigurado na ako.

 O siya! It's time for me to enjoy my ice cream...

Christmas Sale at Uniwide Sales Las Pinas

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

As for me, all year-round ang pagChristmas shopping ko. Hehehe. Basta pagmay nakita ako na OK na item, buy na ako and I stock it. Ayaw ko kasi yung nagpapanic ako pagmalapit na ang Christmas eh. Hassle kaya makipagsiksikan sa malls and kapag Christmas season, naglilipana ang mga mandurukot. Alam na! And this style of Christmas shopping, I got it from my mom! Ika nga nila, mana mana lang yan.

Last week, tumakas ako sa mga kulilits. Magpapainflate lang ako dapat ng kanilang flying shark pero I saw a huge sign: "Uniwide Sales Christmas Sale from September 1 to 31". Since malapit lapit lang sa amin, I went there to check out the items.

Well, Uniwide Sales is already old and literally scary. I didn't park sa basement parking nila, natakot ako dahil less than 10 lang ang cars and super dilim. Feeling ko pagbumaba ako sa car may biglang tatabi sa akin at hoholdupin ako or icacarnap yung dala kong sasakyan. So dun ako nagpark sa labas kahit para sa mga delivery vehicles lang yun.

Anyway, when I got inside naman, naoverwhelm ako sa mga items on sale. Puro Christmas decor na match sa theme ng decor ko sa house. Aside from that, very reasonable pa ang kanilang price considering na pang export yung items nila.

Check out the pictures...

There are a lot of Christmas stuffed toys.

Items are very cheap!

There are a lot of assortments.

And a lot more!

Those of you who are into Christmas Village, they have too!

The other side of the aisle for the Christmas Village.

There are Christmas ceramics too which is a big steal!

Other ceramics are also available in the store.

Ang dami right? Naghulos dili lang ako, kung mahina hina lang ako malamang wasak ang wallet ko. hehehe.

So what are my shopping loots then? Here they are...

I bought additional Christmas decors for our house.

Christmas Moose

Santa holding a Christmas countdown sign

Christmas decor for the doorknob

Christmas Decor for our front door

I bought also some face towel to be used as basahan. Ang ganda ng material nito and I tried using it to ceramics and it really works well.

Mini cup and saucer. I bought this to replace the broken mug of hubby's one-cup coffee maker.

I found these curtains cheap so I bought it.

Lots of ceramic piggy banks to be given to our inaanaks. Ang cute nila, promise! That's why I bought also for my kulilits.

Last but not the least, I bought a mini tent for my kulilits.

That's it! If you want to go Christmas shopping, ok yung mga items Uniwide, yun lang dapat magaling ang mga mata niyo maghanap ng mga good finds.