Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Overnight Stay at The A. Venue Suites (A Photoblog)

We made use of our free overnight stay at A. Venue Suites last week since its last day of redemption is August 8. Tamang tama, the kulilits has a well baby appointment din and hubby's clinic during MWF is in Makati also so no need to wake up early the following day.

The A. Venue Suites is like a condotel. It is my first time to sleep there and I really like their room - we stayed in a 1 bedroom suite by the way. It is cozy, spacious and well furnished.

Here is the kitchen complete with kitchen appliances.

The nook where you can work or facebook (hehehe).

The dining area.

The living room with TV.

The bedroom equipped with TV and alarm clock.

The bathroom. It is just small and simple. Too bad there is no bath tub (since this is the favorite hangout of my kulilits).

The A. Venue Suites has 3 pools.

The indoor infinity pool with jacuzzi at the other end. My hubby and the kulilits swam here.

The indoor lap pool.

and the outdoor infinity pool. It is nicer to swim here because of the fountains. Unfortunately, it is raining so my hubby preferred to swim at the indoor pool.

Here are my boys enjoying the water.

Ang sarap pagmasdan ng mga smiles nila di ba? Kahit hindi ako nagswim, I enjoyed pa rin. Makita ko lang na masaya sila, kontento na ako dun. =)

Overall, though The A. Venue Suites is not a 5 Star hotel, I'm satisfied with our stay there. Aside from the nice room, the staff are also friendly and the place is well maintained.

If you plan to go to Manila and stay in Makati and you are looking for value for money. I recommend this hotel. When we checked the room rates, it is inexpensive. An overnight stay with breakfast for 2 is around 3k only. There are a lot of restaurants around and offer free shuttle service to Glorietta and Greenbelt. What more can you ask for di ba?

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