Friday, August 10, 2012

Food Trip: Korea BBQ Dona Dona

One night at Makati Avenue, my hubby and I searched for a restaurant to eat dinner. Korean ang trip ng lolo niyo. Feel niya kumain ng Bee Bim Bap and sabi niya Korean food is healthy daw. So we ended up at Korea BBQ Dona Dona.

Here is the entrance of the restaurant.

Inside the resto. Medyo old na yung kanilang furnitures and as you can see in the picture, halos Koreans ang kumakain (naturamente, Korean restaurant nga eh.).

The sidings that come with the food that we ordered. Dilis, Sayote, Kimchi, Spicy Labanos and Egglpant.  I liked the sayote and the eggplant. I tried the Kimchi pero di ko talaga siya type. The dilis naman, masarap siya iterno sa Bee Bim Bap.

I ordered Jap Chae. I was surprised na may beef pala siya. What was indicated in the menu is that vegetables lang ang meron siya. Anyhow, it taste really good.

My hubby naman ordered Dol Sot Bee Bim Bap. All vegetables siya. 

Here is hubby very happy and ready to attack!

Ang hatol: The food is good but the serving is small considering the cost (super pricey siya).

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