Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food Trip: Grams Diner

Last Friday, Mama G wants to try out Soderno. Mama G, Paolo (my brother), Louise (Paolo's GF) and I went there and to our dismay, it is closed. So we ended up eating at the Grams Diner.

Here is the restaurant's interior. It is just a small diner but it is maaliwalas.

You can see in their wall photos of celebrities eating in their restaurant.

Here is what we ordered.

Walang kamatayang bottomless iced tea. It was said in their menu that their iced tea is home brewed. But no! Parang iced tea mix lang siya tapos ang tabang pa. Pero in fairness, maganda ang glass kaya nakakaentice uminom.


My brother ordered Rrready, Rrrrroast Beeeeef, Rrrrrumble (roast beef) ! He finished it all, so maybe masarap yung food niya. LOL!


My mom ordered Flap it like it's Hot (chicken wings). The taste? Sakto lang. There is no special about it. Mas masarap pa rin ang chicken wings ng Yellow Cab for us.


Louise and I ordered Fish, Chips and Question Marks. Nothing special also. Pero since it is bagong luto, we liked it.


I tried their spicy rice. I didn't like it that much. Parang rice lang na ginisa sa spicy sauce na pareho ng sa spicy chicken wings.

And I ordered Grams Prime Burger for hubby. Hindi kasi siya nakasunod so take out na lang. According to him, masarap naman daw yung burger specially the bread.

So that's what we ate that night. Honestly, hindi kami ganun nasatisfy. Hindi naman kasi ganung kasarap yung food nila tapos medyo expensive pa (Parang TGIF kasi ang level niya).  We went home na lang with a not-so-happy stomach. Hehehe.

P.S. Their menu card (or whatever you call it) is gutay gutay when you flip it. Sabi ko nga sa waitress, sa mahal ng food nila, they are suppose to change it already. Ang pangit kasi sa image. Let me show you and tell me if you agree...

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