Thursday, August 30, 2012

Credit Card Annual Fee Waived!

Yahoo! I'm so happy today. My request for the annual fee waiver of my Standard Chartered Bank credit card is granted. P 1,200.00 din yun ha. Pambili rin ng milk ng mga kulilits.

It really pays to have a good credit standing. Ako kasi, I always pay my credit card in full and before its due date. Once nag-cut-off na, I pay it immediately the following day. Hindi ko na hinihintay ang due date. Yan ang reason kung bakit ang lakas ng loob ko magpawaive ng annual fee.

Kaya you guys, if you know you have a good credit standing with your bank, you can always request for the waiver of your credit card annual fee. If your request is not granted upfront, you ask for options. Sometimes kasi banks give credit card holders options in order for the annual fee to be waived. Examples are spending requirement, enrollment to automatic bills payment or increase in credit limit.

How about you? How do you save on credit card fees? Give naman some tips! =)

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