Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adventures in Puerto Princesa: The Tour (A Photoblog)

Aside from the tour, we went to Puerto Princesa to celebrate Mama G's birthday. Here is a photoblog of our adventures in Puerto Princesa.

Day 1: Arrival

We arrived at Puerto Princesa past 7:00pm already. We just checked-in at our hotel, ate dinner and rested.

Day 2: Underground River Tour

We departed from our hotel at around 7:30am since the travel time to Sabang Wharf is approximately 2 hours.

Sabang Wharf

We waited for about 30 minutes to be transferred via boat ride to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Waiting Shed

On our way to the Underground River.

Boat ride to the Underground River

We had our family picture taken at the Underground River entrance.

Boat ride inside the Underground River.

After the Underground River Tour, we went back to Sabang Wharf to eat our lunch.

I want to share you the photos of our kulilits while waiting for our ride back to our hotel.

My Toes, My Knees, My Shoulder My Head

Hello, Hello, Hello


How do you cry?

One, Two, Three, Smile!
Aren't they so adorable?

Day 3: Honda Bay Tour

At around 7:15am we travelled to Honda Bay for our island hoping. Our first stop is at Pambato Reef where we did some snorkling.

Yes, my kulilits went swimming there too! They were so happy the moment they went into the deep water.

Our next stop is at Luli Island. It is a private island actually. It is called "Luli" in short of lulubog lilitaw. We saw some starfish and the kulilits did not bother to hold them.

I just realized in this picture that we are still wearing our life vest despite of the shallow waters. Hehehe.

The island is somewhat like the white island in Camiguin. The water is so clear wherein you could see a lot of fishes near the sea shore.

Our last stop is at Pandan Island. It is called "Pandan Island" because it has a lot of pandan trees. Likewise, the beach is so clean and the waters are very clear.

We had our lunch there too. It is included in the tour package. They grilled the fish and pork on the spot. My favorite here is the eggplant. I liked the way they cooked it.

After lunch, we rested for a while and then went back to our hotel.

Day 4: City Tour

We checked out from our hotel first before proceding with our city tour. We had lunch at Baker's Hill. According to our tour guide, the owner of  Baker's Hill is from Taguig.

Here are some pictures that  we took from the place.

Baker's Hill Garden

 The playground wherein the kulilits enjoyed.

Rest area where there is a sungka.

Old restaurant.

Other areas of Baker's Hill which is worth taking pictures of.

The house of the owner.

The main restaurant.


Note: Please don't forget to buy ube hopia at Baker's Hill.

After going to Baker's Hill, we went to Mitra's farm. We just had a family picture there since tourists are no longer allowed to enter the rest house due to security reasons.

Here is the view of Mitra's farm.

We went also to the crocodile farm.

Had some pictures with a Palawan bearcat. P20.00 is charged for picture taking.

We also had pictures with a 1 year old crocodile. P30.00 is charged for picture taking.

Our next stop is the butterfly farm. It is not that beautiful here. There are only few butterflies and it is not well maintained.

We went also to the Binuatan Weaving Creations and bought some items there.

The kulilits tried to weave here.


We passed by the Baywalk to take some pictures. It is nicer to go there at night because of the colorful lightings. Palawan's Baywalk is like our Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard minus the stinky smell and dirty waters.

We went to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

The facade of Plaza Cuartel. Nothing much to see here.

After our city tour, we went to the airport to check-in our baggages and went out again to eat our dinner at Ka Lui.

Well, that's our adventure in Puerto Princesa! =)

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