Monday, August 13, 2012

Adventures in Kota Kinabalu: Food Trip

Our KK food trip is the highlight of our KK travel - that is according to my hubby. Hehehe... Sabi nga nila, you haven't gone to the place if you haven't tasted their local food. Kaya every time we travel, food trip galore kami lagi ni hubby. Try this and try that ang mantra namin. Explore kung explore!

We went to their open air food stalls a.k.a. street food. They are only open from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

When we arrived here, you can see the glow in my hubby's face. Parang nakarating sa heaven ang lolo niyo. Parang halos lahat ata ng food gusto niya itry.

You can see here in the picture that there are a lot of people in the food street. According to our tour guide, people in KK eat in the afternoon to break their fast.

There are a lot of food to choose from. Yun nga lang, sa mga dayuhang katulad namin, swerte swertehan lang kung ang mapili namin na food ay masarap.  

Their BBQ stalls. The chicken wings that you can see here, PANALO ito promise! They are selling it at MR1.50 each.

Their drinks. Hindi mawawala ang sugarcane juice. Very refreshing ito. It is a must try. I also tried their ABC. It is their local version of our Halo Halo. It tastes good and very malinamnam. Maybe because they use gata (coconut milk) instead of cow's milk.

We ate the food that we bought in our hotel room.  We bought chicken wings, assorted satay, roti sardin and roti ayam.  Masarap naman lahat ng binili namin kaya mapulang mapula ang hasang ni hubby after eating. Hehehe.

Aside from those, a must try din ang kanilang nasi goreng and mi goreng. Para ngang we want to go back to KK to try more of their food. =)

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