Monday, July 23, 2012

The Kulilits at Dave's Playhouse

One boring day, I decided to bring the kulilits to SM Southmall para maiba naman. I remembered kasi that there is a playhouse there where they could play. Mahilig kasi sila sa Gymboree eh.

The name of the playhouse is Dave's Funhouse. Let me tour you...

Here is the place's signage.

The facade. You could see that it is gated and there is a small waiting area around. I could say that the place is secured. The gate is locked all the time and it is opened by a gatekeeper using a key. They also use finger scanning device for the authorized person to pick up the kids. High tech right? In my case, they asked me to scan my index finger 5x.

There is a petshop with lots of animal stuffed toys.

A fastfood and grocery store complete with dummy burgers, fries, ice cream, veggies, meats, etc.

A hotel, post office and a school complete with costumes and props.

 A fire station and jail with props also.

A giant slide and pool of balls.

The place is nice and there are a lot of toys but I think it is more suitable for kids and not for toddlers. Feeling ko kasi hindi masyado nag-enjoy ang mga kulilits ko unlike when they are playing at Gymboree kung saan hyper na hyper sila. Aside from that, may mga bully big kids around. Nang-aagaw ng toys...Dinadaan nila sa laki. Pricewise, pwede na. It's only P200 per hour for the kids and P20 per hour for guardians.

Here are some of the pictures of my kulilits playing around...

Chris riding a toy horse.

 Ian riding a toy motorcycle.

 Ian at the petshop.

Chris trying out the slide.

Ian playing the cash register at the grocery.

My kulilits at the pool full of plastic balls. Feel na feel. As if they were swimming talaga.

So there went our pampalipas oras. It is definitely fun seeing my boys having fun!

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