Friday, July 20, 2012

Manang's Spoof: Arturo!!!

Do you know this?


Eto yung lumalabas every time nagsasabi sila Mickey Mouse ng "Oh Toodles!!!"

One day while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and time to call Toodles...

Manang:  (to the twins) AAARRRTTUURRROOO!

Me: Manang, ano sabi mo?


Me: Manang, hindi yan Arturo, Oh Toodles yan.

Manang: Gusto ko Arturo eh.

Me: Haaayyy Manang, wag naman yan ituro mo sa kambal.

So now, every time magtatawag na sila Mickey kay Toodles, inuunahan ko na si Manang. To the top of my lungs I'm saying "Oh Toodles!" to the twins.

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