Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Happened to You My Dear Boracay?

I'm really saddened to what is happening right now to Boracay. During the first week of June we were there for our company outing and I was shocked to see its present condition. It looks completely different as compared to what it looks like the first time I visited the beach in 1990's .

Here are the pictures I took...

There are a lot of dead seaweeds at the sea shore. Nakakadismaya. Kadiri tignan for me.

Dirty Sea Shore
There are a lot of algae in the water. They look so scary to me. I remembered Chuvaness' post here That's why I didn't allow my kulilits to swim in the beach.

Water with seaweeds and algae

The beach with lots of trash. Plastic wrappers everywhere. I really don't know why people are so cruel dumping their waste in the waters.

Water with floating trash

Water with floating trash

Sea shore with lots of trash

I hope the government will do something about Boracay. Sayang kasi. Sana maibalik yung dating beauty niya which made it popular around the world. Sana maging ganito ulit ang Boracay...


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