Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stopover at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Part of our flight in going to the U.S. is a four hours stopover at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. At first, we were thinking of what to do there since we have our twins with us and we have a lot of stuff. But when we get there, hindi man lang namin napansin na lumipas na pala ang oras and it's time for our next flight already.

The airport kasi is very nice. Ang laki laki niya and there are a lot of facilities. We strolled around the airport first and checked the stores there. Then we went to the children's playground para hindi mainip ang mga kulilits. While the twins are on the playground, we surfed the net using our iPads since there is a free WIFI. In fairness, ang bilis ng WIFI sa airport kahit free siya.

Of course, we took some pictures at the airport kaso konti lang since bitbit namin mga kulilits.

family picture

Ian and Chris
 The kulilits at the playground...

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