Friday, June 08, 2012

My Mispelled Name

Eversince I'm a child, my mom always fails to spell my name correctly. As a proof, here is a note that I got from her last Wednesday (don't mind the wrong spelling of "kindly"):

Actually, the real spelling of my name is C-H-E-R-Y-L-L.

Guess what? During my early childhood/gradeschool days, I used to spell my name as C-H-E-R-R-Y-L-L because that is the spelling that my mom thought me. So all my examination papers, name tags, name labels and even my first passport and US VISA contained that spelling of my name. Until when I'm in grade six, when I discovered the real spelling of my name through my birth certificate. Since then, I already spelled my name correctly. It's no joke ha. Ang hirap mag-adjust since nasanay na ako ng C-H-E-R-R-Y-L-L na spelling ng name ko. Lagi ako nagkakamali at first, buti na lang nasanay din kaagad. =)

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