Thursday, June 21, 2012

Manang's Spoof: On Balloon Colors

Manang is the yaya of my twins. I just want to share you our funny experiences with her. Actually, sa mukha pa lang niya, kuwela na...

Manang with Ian & Chris at Ayala Triangle

Last Saturday, at the gas station on the way home...

Manang: Kambal, kambal, look oh...there are balloons (pointing at bunch of balloons tied to the motorcycle).
Kambal: (Went to the window to look at the balloons)
Manang: Chris, what color is that? (pointing at the blue balloon) ... that's balloon...
Chris: Blooo
Manang: Very good! How about that? (pointing at the red balloon)... that's rid... rid balloon...
Me: Patay tayo dyan!
Manang, Mommy & I: (laughed to death)

Grabe! That is one of the reasons why I want to be a housewife. Mahirap na at baka makuha ni kambal ang accent. LOL!

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