Monday, June 25, 2012

L.A. Escapades 2012

We only have 5 days and 4 nights to tour around L.A and we found it bitin. Ang dami namin hindi napuntahan. Di bale, there is always next time naman. =)

Day 1: Arrival in L.A.

As I have said in my earlier post, sobrang nakakastress ang trip namin in going to L.A. Kasama kasi namin yung mga kulilits. Pero ok lang at least we experienced travelling with our boys and it served as our bonding moment.

When we arrived at L.A., we went kaagad to Carson where our Ninang/Tita lives. We rested lang on Day 1 and made chikka with our relatives. My cousin, Ate Tin, from Ontario also visited us there.

Here is our picture with Ate Tin's family.

L-R: Hubby, Ian, Me, Chris, Ate Tin, Kyleigh & Kuya Echo
Day 2:  Disneyland

On day 2, walang jetlag jetlag, we went to Disneyland kaagad. Siyempre, hindi ka nakarating sa U.S. if you didn't visit the original Disneyland in Anaheim. We went there with our nieces, nephew, cousins and our Ninang/Tita Vey. We had our lunch at The Rainforest Cafe. Niride lang namin yung mga well-recommended rides since we only have 1 day for Disneyland.

L-R: Jaimes, Leila, Kaela, Lianne, Ninang Vey, Ian, Jaime, Chris, Me, Hubby & Ate Christine

After our Disneyland trip, we headed back to Carson because Uncle Bob prepared a sumptuous dinner for us.

Day 3: Hollywood

On day 3, we went around Hollywood.

First, we strolled at the walk of fame where we took photos of men in costumes for a tip.

Our next stop is the Ripley's Believe It  or Not Museum.

We had lunch at Mels Drive-In. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of what we ate. I ordered their chicken pot pie while my hubby ordered their burger.

After lunch, we went to the Guiness Museum.

For our last stop, we went to the Wax Museum.

We were suppose to go to the Universal Studios after Hollywood but time did not permit us. So we just went for a sightseeing at Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.

Day 4: Sta. Monica Pier

On Day 4, we just stayed in the house in the morning since our Lola was there to visit and cook lunch for us. We had mechado for lunch.

Hubby, Chris, Ian & Lola Zeny
After lunch, our cousins, Kuya Jobet and Jaime picked us up so we could go to Sta. Monica Pier. We passed by Cold Stone Creamery first to get some ice cream so that we have something to eat on our way to Sta. Monica Pier.

Here is our picture at Sta. Monica Pier.

We had our pm snacks at the Town Dogs hotdog stand.

After strolling around the pier, we went to Sta. Monica Promenade to look for a restaurant to eat dinner.

We ate at Barney's Beanery. Sarap ng chili nila dito promise! (I have a separate blog post for this.)

L-R: Ian, Hubby, Jaime, Vince, Kuya Jobet, Me & Chris

Day 5: Flight to Texas

We just stayed at home on our last day to to all the packing. Flight na kasi namin to Texas in the afternoon.

That's it! Hectic ang schedule namin no? Super pagod pero we really enjoyed our stay there.

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