Thursday, June 07, 2012

I'm Really Sick Thursday =(

I told you yesterday that I feel sick. Well, I am really sick. I have cough, colds and sore throat. I think dahil ata sa Boracay trip yan eh. Nag-uulan kasi when we were there that is why almost everybody, including my dad who seldom gets sick, is sick in the office.

As a remedy, I am taking Berocca right now. As in Vitamin C overload. Hopefully, I'll be well within the day. Ang hirap kaya ng may sakit.

If you were to ask me how hubby and I are doing now, we are in good terms already. We had a heart to heart talk yesterday. I said my piece and he said his and finally resolved the issue. Sana lang, crossing my fingers, hindi na maulit muli.

Ganyan talaga ang mag-asawa. Problems/challenges are part of married life. There is no such thing as perfect relationship.If it is perfect, abnormal yun. These problems/challenges make our relationship grow stronger and even prepare us to bigger challenges in life.

So that's it. Have a great Thursday! =)

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