Sunday, June 03, 2012

Food Trip: Town Dog's

Our cousins (Jaime and Kuya Jobet) brought us to Sta. Monica Pier during our trip to L.A. While walking around, we saw Town Dog's. Jaime recommended it to hubby and told us that it was featured in the food channel.

Jaime ordered this for hubby:


This is hotdog sandwich is really good! Sulit ang money. Ok rin kasi there is a twist in the sandwich. As you can see, there are some chips on it.

Below is the hotdog stand. Talagang nagpaphoto op ang hubby here. Hehehehe...

You can see, happy na happy si hubby. Pangarap kasi niya to eat at a hotdog stand sa US eh. Actually, ang gusto niya Sabrett sa New York kaso nga lang wala sa itinerary namin ang New York. Next time na lang siguro pag bumalik kami sa US. Ang tanong: kailan kaya yun? Hehehe...

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