Thursday, June 07, 2012

Food Trip: Soma Restaurant & Bar

Honestly, I'm not yet finish consolidating our US pictures. I'm very busy kasi right now sa work. Ang dami pang dapat tapusin.

Anyway, I would like to share you our food experience at Soma Restaurant and Bar. It is located in San Francisco, California.

Our Tito Manong (my mom's first cousin paternal side) knows that my hubby and I love food and that we love trying on new restaurants. He knows also that my hubby loves burgers because every time my parents go to the US, he is always requesting an In and Out Double Double for a pasalubong. So, he promised my hubby that he'll bring  us downtown to taste a very delicious hamburger.

So one afternoon after we went to the Palace of Fine Arts, we went downtown to eat the hamburger that our Tito Manong is talking about. At first he wasn't sure about the restaurant that we went because it sounds like Mediterranean. But he is quite sure that the restaurant is on that spot. He asked me to check on the restaurant's menu if they are serving hamburgers. They are serving hamburgers so we went in. He asked the waiter if it is the same restaurant as before. Well, it is confirmed that it is the same restaurant. They are even serving the same menu. What only changed is the name and ownership. Before it is Uncle Joe's now it is called Soma Restaurant and Bar.

Here are the pictures of the restaurant and the food that we ordered:

Facade of the Restaurant

Menu Board

Inside the Restaurant


Restaurant's Bar Section

Restaurant's Menu

My dad ordered this. He told us that their pizza is delicious. The toppings are fresh mushrooms.

Mushroom Pizza

My cousin, Anthony ordered this. It seems to be delicious also because he finished it all.

Pepperoni Pizza

Tito Manong, my hubby and I ordered their classic hamburger. They serve it with crispy fries. Caution: eat it while it is burning hot. According to my Tito Manong: "Kailangan kong kainin ng mabilis dahil hinahabol ko yung init.". Well, he is correct, it is best eaten while it is hot. My hubby and Tito Manong had their burger medium rare while I had it well done. Based on my experience, I should have chosen it to be medium rare. Medyo matigas kasi yung well-done burger nung lumamig eh. Masakit sa panga.. Hehehe...

Classic Hamburger

the inside

Well, hindi nagkamali si Tito Manong sa pagbida ng burger na ito. It is really delicious. Actually, nadala rin siya ng bun. Super sarap ng bun - it soft and very tasty. According to Tito Manong, they make their burgers from scratch kaya matagal ang serving.

The price range in this restaurant is  around $12.00 to $15.00. Medyo expensive siya if we convert it to Peso. But I think it is reasonable for a mid-scale restaurant in San Francisco.

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