Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy Bee

Hi guys! Today, I'll be super busy like a bee. I still have to prepare for our company outing. This Thursday na yun!!!

I still have to finalize the list of attendees. Matagal ng prepared yun...but...a big BUT...may mga issues kasi...haaaysssttt...nakakainis talaga if there are some aberyas like this. Gusto mo ng matapos para makamove on na pero bandang huli preparation to the last minute pa rin.

Next is the bus. Believe it or not, wala pa rin kaming bus. Before I went to US, nakausap na namin ang DLTB & Co. Finalization na lang of contract ang kailangan eh. Then malaman laman ko nung pinapafollow-up ko na yung contract, nag-iba na ang may handle. Ayun, pinaikot ikot ang HR assistant namin. Nandun na yung kailangan bumalik ulit dun. Pero walang nangyari. 2x nang-indian yung person-in-charge. First, nung pumunta ulit yung mga staff sa DLTB & Co. Next is yung nagcommit na pupunta na lang sa office. Kaya ayun, pinatawag and pinagocular ko sa ALPS yung HR assistant namin. Sa ALPS, ok kausap and they are very prompt. Yun nga lang, they are more expensive by P2k per bus (3 ang bus namin) and ayaw nila magpawithhold ng tax. I mentioned the issue to my dad (my boss). He instructed us to try again DLTB & Co. Finally, nakausap na namin yung real person-in-charge. Yun nga lang, today pa raw bibigay yung contract. Oh di ba last minute din?

In the afternoon, our contact person from 2Go will go to the office to deliver the ferry tickets. I'm sure medyo magulo yun since he prepared the tickets based on my initial list. Wala pa dun yun mga cancellation, replacements and additional passengers. So he needs to go back tomorrow for the other tickets.

We have a committee meeting also in the afternoon. Hopefully, magcooperate sila para hindi magulo pagdating sa Boracay.

Also, I have to prepare a request for budget. May mga cash payments pa kasi like the terminal fees, boat ride, multicab, contingency, etc.

O siya, I have to work na. I still have 5 minutes to prepare for work.

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