Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Discovery: Tedi Chocolate Cookies

I have a new discovery and my twins loved it!!!

When I went to the grocery store, I tried to look for animal crackers for my babies. Unfortunately, they don't have any. Instead, I saw this:

Tedi Bear Shaped Chocolate Cookies

It is a bear shaped chocolate cookies by Island Biscuit and it only costs less than P5.00 a pack. I bought one pack first to try if my twins would like it.

I opened the pack one afternoon and gave one piece at a time to my twins so that they could eat it while they are watching a movie. They liked it and finished the pack. Out of curiosity, I tried a piece and it really tastes good. Actually, it tastes like an oreo cookie.

The next time I go back to the grocery store, I will buy these cookies again for my twins.

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