Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Food Discovery: Melona Ice Cream

At the ice cream section of S&R, while looking for Blue Bunny ice cream, I saw a box of green Korean ice cream. Then I overheard a couple saying that it is good. I didn't buy that time since they sell in bulk and I still don't know the taste.

Few days later, while hubby and I are buying some pasalubongs for our US relatives at Puregold Molito, I saw again these green ice cream and I got one for me to taste. Well, I can tell you, if you like Magnolia Melon Milk, you are going to like this either. It really tastes like melon. It is smooth and creamy.

On my way home last Saturday, I craved for Melona Ice Cream so I passed by a Korean grocery at BF Homes Paranaque to try my luck. Yeba! There are a lot of Korean Ice Creams and I saw Melona. I bought few and gave my mom and brother for them to try also.

Melona Ice Cream, Php 25.00
My second stick...

The ice cream

Next time I'll try to hoard some para may stock na ako sa fridge.


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I just had the Melona ice cream bar for the first time in Hilo, Hawaii. What a great product.

    1. Yeah, it's really yummy and fruity! I love Melona ice cream. =)