Thursday, April 12, 2012


Maybe you are wondering what the hell is a "flipis". Well, it is a term we use to call a flying ipis or cockroach. Here is a picture...

Picture of a "flipis" from

Last night, while I am getting some night clothes in my cabinet, something landed towards me. OMG! It is a flipis. It almost landed to me buti na lang mabilis ako umilag. It even went inside my cabinet that I pulled out my things in order to catch and kill it.

Actually, I'm not afraid of cockroaches except for this kind of breed. Kadiri kaya ang feeling kapag nadapuan ka ng flipis. Aside from that, it seems to follow or attack you if you try to catch them because it really flies towards you.

I really don't know where that flipis came from. Nakasara naman buong house namin. Malas lang niya ako ang inattack niya kaya yan, todas siya. LOL!

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