Friday, March 23, 2012

The Twins Meet Jollibee

Last Sunday, we went to the 1st birthday party of Grei, the son of Louille who was my classmate in UP Manila. It was held in Jollibee, Shangri-la Mall. It was my twins first time to attend a Jolly Party.

My twins are very energetic that time. They keep on walking around and even dancing every time they hear a dance music. The time came when Jollibee, the mascot, arrived. I was very excited to see my sons' reactions. Good thing they are not afraid of Jollibee. They just stared and tried to touch him. Usually, babies are afraid of mascots eh. But... during the photo-op, when Jollibee tried to hug Chris, Chris got scared while Ian tried to go away (as you can see in the photo). Nakakatuwa kasi parang magkadikit talaga ang pusod nila kasi Ian was also affected when Chris got scared.

After some time, Chris was not afraid anymore with Jollibee kasi he was trying to touch na the foot of Jollibee. Si Ian naman, he was so bibo, he was dancing also while Jollibee was dancing.

Having kids pala is parang you are going back to your childhood ulit. You are invited to a series of children's party. And siyempre, I don't want to be KJ (kill joy) to my kids kaya go na lang ng go. In short, their happiness is also my happiness.

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