Sunday, April 01, 2012

Soderno Food Trip

Just before the parenting conference started last Friday night, my hubby suddenly asked me: "Saan tayo kakain ng dinner?" I just smiled back and in my mind I said "Talaga nga naman ang hubby ko oh, di pa nagsisimula ang conference tinatanong na ako kaagad kung saan kami kakain ng dinner. Basta pagkain talaga, number 1 si Doc Padu." 

Then he asked me again the same question. Di talaga ako tinantanan. Then I said "Soderno na lang". When I said that, there is a big smile in his face and he said in a childish and exciting way "Ay sige, sa Soderno!" I chose Soderno because it is open during night time and there are a lot of food choices there.

When we arrived at the area, I asked my hubby to drop me at the Korean grocery because I'm craving for a Korean Ice Cream. I bought this flower-shaped ice cream.

Korean Ice Cream Php 50.00

It is almost like an ice cream sandwich. Wafer on the outside and vanilla ice cream, red beans and sticky rice inside. It is very delicious. Hindi siya nakakasawa kasi tamang tama lang ang sweetness niya.

Then we went inside Soderno and started strolling around to check on the booths.

Oohhh La La... Look at these... the uric acid and cholesterol station...

Ihaw - Ihaw
Hubby ordered this. It is called Bagwang. It is served with thinly sliced crispy pork jowls, fried rice and fried egg. Honestly, hindi ko siya masyadong type. It tastes bland for me plus it is not served hot. It just tastes like a bland chicharon. And I think pricey siya.

Bagwang Php 170.00
I bought takoyaki. I love takoyaki. I remember the takoyakis being sold in the streets of Hong Kong's night market. The best talaga with their sauce, mayo, dried fish powder and seaweeds. Yummy! But this one, hindi ko rin masyadong like. So so lang. It is not served hot kasi. Gusto ko sa takoyaki yung napapaso paso ako, yung nakakachallenge kainin. Aside from that, yung filling niya iba. Instead of  octopus, they used crab sticks.

Takoyaki Php 70.00
I also ordered Manang's chicken. This one I like. I love the mix of flavors (original sauce and sesame seeds). Very crispy and juicy.

Manangs Fried Chicken Php 149.00
I like eating ihaw-ihaw, especially isaw manok/baboy. Malasa kasi siya eh. But this one, I don't really recommend. Bland din ang lasa and dry. Yung taste niya hindi yung ine-expect ko na malinamnam. Medyo naumay kami ni hubby. Sabi ko pa nga baka makuha sa suka, pero ang suka niya hindi rin masarap. One secret to a delicious ihaw-ihaw is the sauce. Kung masarap sana ang suka, madadala na ang ihaw-ihaw. The best pa rin talaga ang Mang Raul's sa BF Almanza.

Isaw Manok/Baboy Php 40.00 per stick
Para mawala ang umay, I ordered Mr. Tea's Milk Tea with pearls. Ok naman ang taste niya pero not that good compared with the other milk teas. Ano naman kasi ang e-expect di ba, mura lang siya compared sa iba.
Mr. Tea Milk Tea Php 70.00
Hubby naman, he bought a 2 scoops of gelato for dessert for Php 200.00 (I forgot to take a picture of it). He chose 2 flavors: chili chocolate and Baileys.

So that ended our food trip. Next time we go back at Soderno we will try the roast beef and the steak.

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