Sunday, April 01, 2012

Parenting Conference: 30 Years of Parenting

Being first time parents, hubby and I attended a parenting conference sponsored by Victory Christian Fellowship at VCF Alabang. The speakers are Pastor Paul and Aleta Barker. They talked about their mistakes made and lessons learned during their 30 years of parenting.
Pastor Paul Barker
During the conference, we learned the following:

Mistakes Made
  1. Lacks family devotion - family should pray together, they should share gospel/word of God to each other
  2. Did not work together as parents in raising the kids - both parents should work as one in raising their kids
  3. No "Sex Talk" - Openness to one another even to "Sex" topic
Lessons Learned
  1. Allow the gospel to grow deeper into your heart every day - Colossians 1:6
  2. Enforce loving and consistent discipline - Proverbs 13:24-25
  3. Stand on God's covenant promises - Psalm 112: 1-2, 6-8
We really learned a lot from this conference. We hope that VCF will have other sessions about parenting or family because it will surely help us in raising our kids properly.

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