Friday, March 30, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream Cravings

During the preaching last Sunday, Pastor Ariel included eating Magnum Ice Cream in one of his metaphors. He described how delicious and addicting Magnum Ice Cream is to the point that he ended up eating three pieces a day and started hoarding some in his fridge.

With his high credibility (being a pastor) plus matching exaggerated facial expression and body gestures, I could say that he can be an effective food endorser. Well, I am right. My hubby suddenly felt the urge to try one. Imagine, my hubby tried to buy Magnum Ice Cream from one store to another from Supervalue (Festival Mall), 7-Eleven, Ministop, Select to SM Southmall. Could you believe it, walang tsumamba...lahat out-of-stock? So my hubby just left a note "Kapag nakatikim ako niyan at hindi pumasa sa expectations ko, ewan ko lang, ibloblog ko yan!". Ang funny talaga. Tawang tawa talaga ko every time he'll return to the car without a Magnum Ice Cream. Mukhang kawawa na naglilihi eh.

Anyway, when we arrived home. I told my mom about it. Tawa rin ng tawa si Mama G at inaalaska pa si hubby. Mama G pretended that she has a stock of Magnum Ice Cream in her fridge at sinabi pa sa maid "Manang, itago mo yung Magnum Ice Cream ko sa freezer ha. Huwag mo ipapakita kay Doc!".

The following day naman, my mom called me up. "Anak, guess what? Ang laman ng Facebook ay yung preaching ni Pastor A nung Sunday. Yung kwinento niya about Magnum Ice Cream. Yung mga tao pala after going to Church naghanap talaga ng Magnum!"

Well, well, that could explain why naubos ang supply ng Magnum Ice Cream last Sunday sa Festival Mall. So Unilever, you must pay Pastor Ariel for a talent fee because super naging effective ang "endorsement" niya sa Church!

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